• Yes, all human history should be documented online.

    I definitely think that human history should be save electronically with online information. I think that it is important to perserve human history. And a good way of doing that is saving it online on the Internet. I think doing so would be a good way to make sure that it is documented.

  • All of human history should be preserved online

    It is my opinion that in order for human history to be successfully preserved, there needs to be a large online database of all past events in recorded human history. This would allow for materials to be properly disposed of as the information was transferred from print into digital information.

  • Human history going digital

    The way the Internet and technology are going, all of human history will be preserved electronically as it is a work in progress as we speak. We already know more about previous generations, from hundreds and thousands of years ago, more so than we ever knew before thanks to electronic preservation, and this is a good thing.

  • Yes, that would be cool

    I think that it would be pretty awesome if we preserved all of human history electronically. I think that future generations would appreciate it as well, because they would not have as many questions about what we did. Some things might be embarrassing to us, but I still think we should do it.

  • History is written by the victors.

    Imagine the immense amount of power with which the author of this site would have, they could dictate trends, perhaps if they had favoured terrorism they would right about it in a righteous way. My point is if the application can be fair and unbiased then it is clearly a worthwhile thing to do, with wide application. However I do believe that people will not necessarily be able to produce a unbiased account and thus the utter credibility of the whole thing comes into question. Can people put aside their feelings and produce a rational account of history?

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