Should all of the citizens living near the volcanoes in Ensenade, Chile, be forced to evacuate?

  • One of Chile's Most Dangerous Volcano Threatens Lives and Begs for Mandatory Evacuation

    Many witnesses have compared the eruption of Ensenade, Chile's twin volcanoes to an atomic bomb due to the booming sound, large ash cloud and deadly gases filling the air. Almost all residents have evacuated voluntarily with an estimated count of thirty souls staying behind. A mandatory evacuation should be affected for those who have chosen to stay mainly due to heavy ash rain coating the food, water and breathable air. Their chance of survival is not high enough to let them stay.

  • Force them out

    Force them out. They should be made to leave because their lives could be at risk. Men, women, and children might die. Although it might be their homeland, there is always a way to move on to a new place to live. The people near the volcanoes are taking too much of a risk.

  • Let them die.

    If they wish to die by their own stubbornness, then they have the right to do so.
    Because of how little I care for the lives of non-Americans, I could care less, but if they want to go die and maybe free up resources that could possibly be exported to America, then by all means.

  • No, the citizens living near the volcano in Ensenade, Chile should not be forced to evacuate.

    The recent volcano eruption was totally unexpected. It hadn't erupted in more than 40 years. The people in Ensenade chose to live next to a volcano. It is obviously their right to stay there - especially because experts can't tell when it might erupt again. Forcing people to evacuate now would just be stupid.

  • If they wanna risk it let them

    If they want to stay and take the risk they should be free to. If they die then nobody should feel sorry for them. This is how I fealt about when katrina hit New Orleans, everyone was acting like it was a massive tragedy how many people died. In my opinion they knew the hurricane was coming for weeks so they had plenty of time to push North.

  • No forced relocation.

    If they feel safe and want to stay there than why should we interfere. Denying them to live where they want would be taking away the freedom and power to choose what they believe is right and those are crimes that are more morally damaging than death for death is just a natural part of life and if they want to risk it than it will be better for them if we did.

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