Should all organizations be required to grant paternity leaves equivalent to those provided for new moms?

  • Men should receive paternity leave

    Many mothers who have just delivered a baby are tired and overwhelmed from giving birth to their child. Therefore, the mother needs as much support as she can on the first few weeks of her return back home. Without the fathers help, it can be a struggle taking care of a child when the mother is in pain, tired physically and mentally from going into labor. Men should receive paternity leave from work because they will be able to support their families emotionally, give the mother time to recover from tiredness, and will be able to witness the child’s development and growth.

  • Its Only Fair

    The tremendous push for gender equality has strongly favored women and largely neglected men. It has become a "pick and choose" movement, one that supports and demands additional benefits and ignores any downside that comes with equality. If we are truly going to treat men and women as equals, outside of immutable biological differences, policies and benefits that differ on the basis of gender must be accessed and re-written. Either grant it to all (both men and women) or grant it to none.

  • Lack of paternity leave is BAD for women

    Granting paid maternity leave but not paternity leave is damaging for the following reasons:

    - Reinforces the stereotype that women should or will be the parent most responsible for childcare

    - Creates barriers for families to choose the father as the primary caregiver and the mother as the primary breadwinner

    - Allows for the perpetuation of negative biases RE: women's long absences due to motherhood

    - Devalues men's contributions to child-rearing/household work

    - In the case of paid maternity leave, requires men to spend an earned benefit (PTO) well before their female coworkers would in order to get equal time to bond with their child which creates an equal compensation issue

  • Paternity leave should be granted on an equal status with maternity leave, because fathers need time to bond with their new child.

    Fathers should be given the same allowance of time to bond with a new child as a mother is. Paternity leave should be given on an equal basis as maternity leave, allowing both a mother and father necessary time with their child. Both parents have an important role in their family structure, and time should be granted equally to support a new family, regardless of the gender of either parent.

    Posted by: VersedMitch26
  • I believe that organizations should be required to grant paternity leave that is equal to maternity leave because, to do otherwise, is to suggest that fathers do not have equal parenting rights or responsibilities.

    It only seems fair to grant new fathers a paternity leave that is equal to the maternity leave offered to new mothers. These days, implying that a long maternity leave is necessary for medical reasons is a sham, since most mothers are in and out of the hospital within a day. But, if we are going to give them time to bond with their new babies, then fathers should be given the same opportunity.

    Posted by: ToughEfrain26
  • Paternity leave should be a right for every worker in the United States, because being a new parent is important to the father, as it is to the mother.

    I believe both parents should have the right to take off work for the birth of their child, without fear of losing their jobs. Becoming a parent is not easy for either the mother or the father. Neither parent living with a newborn is going to get much sleep for at least several weeks, and I think you'll find you have a more productive employee after he has time off to adjust to his new sleep schedule.

    Posted by: TrainLock
  • I feel that organizations should grant some kind of paternity leaves, because it is unfair that the father should be unable to be there for the first few days of their child's life.

    It is unfair to say that the father should not be there for those first days of a newborn child's life. Fathers should be granted some sort of a paternity leave, however, I do not feel that it is needed for as long of a period as it is for the mother. Mothers are generally the main care givers, especially if they breastfeed. Mothers need that additional time for these instances. I do feel that there are times that it is needed longer, like in cases with a preemie or other health issues that may arise to either the newborn or the mother.

    Posted by: eyeslikethat
  • Yes, because fathers should have the same rights as mothers.

    I believe that the rights of maternity leave need to be looked at with the government, so that all people can have the right to use it. It should not only pertain to woman alone. I also feel that men should have that same right. The law needs to be written to make it a national law giving everybody the same rights, regardless of the employer.

    Posted by: SlipArnal
  • Yes. In this modern age of equal rights, why is it that men are denied the right to bond with their child?

    Our society has taken serious moves in providing equal pay, equal work opportunities, and equal rights for women. However, in this movement for equal rights, rights of men have been forgotten. While women certainly deserve equal rights and pay, shouldn't men then receive equal time off? If women receive six weeks off to heal and care for their child after birth, shouldn't men be extended the same leave so they can bond with and care for their child?

    Posted by: 5h3Insanity
  • Organizations should grant paternity leave to encourage fathers to be more active parents.

    Allowing fathers to take paternity leave would eliminate the double standard against male parents, and would allow both family members to take time to bond with their new infants. It would also make it easier for men to choose to be primary caretakers and eliminates the sexist assumption that the female parent will be doing most of the parenting. It also would be helpful for gay couples who have adopted or used a surrogate, as it would allow them to have a caretaker at home with their new child for the transition period.

    Posted by: NoIanP4P3r
  • Maternity leave is just that - time granted for the mom to recover.

    When a new mom takes a maternity leave, she does so to prepare for the arrival of the baby and recover from the birth of a child. The father does not need to take paternity leave as he only needs a few days to help with the mom. In addition, people who adopt a child only need a few days bonding time.

    Posted by: Ci3nInvader
  • The United States of America is becoming more and more lenient towards giving anybody money, and unfortunately people find ways to scam the system and take more money away from other things.

    The problem with our country in why we are losing so much money is because of fraud. This is something that would seem like a good program, but there are people out there who will find a way to scam the system just like everything else out there to scam.

    Posted by: Jelly Baby
  • I don't believe that paternity leave ought to be required, because there is no need for fathers to be at home at that time.

    While it might be helpful for a father to be at home during the first few months after a child's birth, I don't think that it must be required, because it is not necessary for them to be there. For a mother, the time is required, both physically and emotionally. But, for the father, it is not.

    Posted by: ender31444
  • All organizations should not be required to grant paternity leaves equivalent to those provided for new moms, because the fathers do not have the same health effects of childbirth to deal with.

    Most new moms have recently undergone childbirth, a physical condition that requires time to recuperate from. Therefore, they should be protected by law, and employers should be required to grant them leave. However, new fathers do not have such health effects. While paternity leave is certainly a great idea, it is much too onerous to require all organizations to grant such leave.

    Posted by: 5l4y3rChr
  • I disagree that fathers deserve the same amount of leave for a birth as the mother, because men in general don't take care of infants.

    Men would surely take advantage of paid paternity leave, but if it wasn't paid they would not. That, in itself, proves that men don't have the same responsibility to the baby and, let's face it, they don't really want it. Not because they are bad fathers who don't love their children, but because they are ill-equipped to deal with an infant. Only the mother can breast feed it. And the diaper changing of an infant is no small task, and one that most men are reluctant to participate in, usually out of fear. Also, a man isn't recovering from a very painful and often surgical birth, so he really doesn't need the down time. If men were granted the same leave as women after the birth of a child, the whole world would come to a grinding halt.

    Posted by: N3vinFace
  • I oppose the opinion of granting equal number of leaves to new moms as well as fathers.

    Certainly, new moms require maternity leaves long enough that suit their healthy recovery and nursing of the new born babies. Though fathers also require some time dedicated in caring of their wives and new born babies, it need not necessarily the same time equal to the women and it is definitely less. If organizations are required to grant more number of leaves, it would affect their productivity and other connected aspects.

    Posted by: SaroM0vi3
  • I disagree because the father, if he works, should go back to work and provide for his family

    In my opinion it's only the mother that is really needed after having a baby because it's her who breastfeeds because dads can't, and it also helps settle the baby into a routine quicker. For example the baby will slowly start to know that for some parts of day or night it's just mum, and then it's mum and dad the rest.

    Posted by: UrHen
  • No, it isn't nearly as important for a new father to bond with a baby as it is for a new mother.

    It might be acceptable for a new father to get a short break from their organization or job to be with a new baby, but the mother is the one who needs to have time allotted for this purpose, not the father. It is important for the mother-to-be and new mother to have time off to get ready for and spend time with a new baby. A bond has to develop if there is going to be breastfeeding involved. Some new mothers have trouble adjusting to things, and they have to have time to be alone with their baby without having to be a wife and mother simultaneously 24/7.

    Posted by: PinkMych

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