Should all parents be required to attend parenting classes?

  • Seriously, people SHOULD have required IQ tests done before they have kids.

    If taking care of children is considered "the most important job in the world", then it's only logical that the best of the best should be the only ones doing it. Poor parenting costs billions of dollars every year, so parenting shouldn't be an "individual right"; it should be a luxury! I'm smart enough to know kids aren't for me, so why don't others think before they have children?

  • It will better prepare them for the tough job of parenting

    - Parents will be better prepared for the job of parenting.
    - Parents will know how to manage stress, and what do when they are at the "breaking point," thus preventing child abuse
    - Parents will be better prepared to discipline, thus will more likely to do it.
    - Parents will know how to discipline teenagers, thus there will be less teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, violence, bullying, sexting and juvenile crime.
    - Parents will be better prepared to recognize and respond to bullying, whether their child is the bully or the victim.
    - Parents will know CPR in case (god forbid) it's necessary.
    - Parents will childproof their home.
    - Parents will know how to recognize, prevent and respond sexual abuse.
    - Many parents allow their child or teenager to use internet in their bedrooms, and not in an open area where everyone can walk by and look. This can result in the child contacting internet predators cyber bullying, posting nude photos online and viewing pornography. Parents should not allow internet in their child's or teen's bedroom and their child should be taken away if they do. . There is no good reason for a child or teen to have internet in their bedrooms. The parenting class will give parents advice on internet safety (internet devices are to be used in a family area when parents are home, parental controls including blocking, monitoring and time limits installed, parent or adult check regularly).

  • Of course they should!

    Parents of all ages should attend this class so that they may be able to actually know the difference of right and wrongs to raise their children. I also believe these classes should be provided with child care funded by the government so that they have no excuse of why they did not attend the class. All ages of parents should be able to take care of their kids why not give them a class so that they may be able to do it right the first time.

  • Giving birth is not the same as being a parent

    Decades of research in psychology, child development, medicine, family studies, and human behavior show that there are clearly, without a doubt, right and wrong ways to raise a child. Yes families are different and there is a very wide latitude for differing values, cultures and traditions. But having a basic understanding of child development, child care, and behavioral techniques is critical to our families and society. Just because a human being can have sex and give birth does not mean that the person is prepared to be a parent; the most important job on the earth.

  • Supporting, Protecting Present and Future Generations, and Helping to Heal a Damaged Society

    To raise children to be productive individuals, parents need to know more than what most are taught. Some parents are wounded adults, having no idea how to best raise a child. I see them in the store where I work, talking to small children like I would never dream of talking to my dog! Emotional abuse is alive and well in Greene County, PA. However, abuses of all kinds are peppered throughout the U.S. The child protective services we have in place do little to nothing for the true protection and balancing of families, making them better members of society. I have seen it in my own family. Luckily, I was raised by two very different families, where there was love and compassion from one parent. The other three were abusive and mean, and had little idea how to treat themselves, let alone their offspring.

    As many have stated, child abuse costs an exorbitant amount. This is not only about financial costs, but human degradation, spilling poison out into society.

    Yes, the parents need support, and they need to know how to talk to their children without being hostile. They need to know coping skills. They need to understand the price of what they are doing, whether it be physical, sexual, verbal, psychological...Whatever.

    I don't know if these classes would do the trick, but we have to do something. This is a perpetual nightmare, and I know that if I say something to these customers who are abusing their children right in front of me, that I will probably only just make them more irate. On the other hand, I may help to make them aware of their harshness. However, I feel powerless as a worker to make a difference. I know that the system does not work, and that when these kids go home with these mean people, that they will just abuse them at home, each and every day.

  • Offer the best you have to give to the future generation

    They should attend parenting classes so they can learn how to teach their kids who will become the next generation, so we can make sure we are doing the best to make our world improve (and do not fall into the same mistakes) instead of getting worse, therefore, raising a better future for everybody.

  • It will help their future for their kids and help them understand

    The reason I think parents should have to take parenting classes is so that they will know what they are doing for the future and learn proper ways that will make life way easier. In other words most people nowadays don't know what they are doing with their children, that may be my opinion but i'm sure getting parenting classes wouldn't hurt.

  • Yes, they should attend the classes

    You can't just expect teens to have the knowledge on how to raise a child. The teen shouldn't depend on their mom or dad the whole time. They made the choice to have sex they can take the consequences. Teens also need the knowledge to give their baby the best life they possibly could get, you just half ass a child's life, like you might with a homework assignment.

  • Yes they can

    Parents should attend the classes because they have to learn the right way of parenting. Around the world there are parents that never took classes and ended up abusing their kids and getting them taken away from children services. I too took a parenting class and it help me out alot because it told me the correct way of parenting.

  • Uneducated, inexperienced, and unwilling new parents

    Most couples or mothers who get pregnant are too young to understand child psychology and parenting. Even Psychology professors agree that Parents should take some type of child psychology classes or at least parenting classes. For the willing and eager parents who actually understand the need to take those classes, sure they can read books or go to some type of college class, but most parents don't find the need to. So if they need help they ask someone whom they think would be better at it( which is rarely the case) their parents. I give props to the elders but as we become more educated we realize, hey they don't know as much as we think they do. Find out for your self, take a college psychology class, then child psychology. I'm sure it doesn't match what your parents say. For the children having to deal with child abuse, neglect, or parent alienation, they deserve for their parents to be properly educated and informed.

  • Parents Don't Need it

    Parents are able to take care of their children just fine. Each child has their own individual needs, and why pay money to attend parenting classes when you can go to the library and get books and read about it? You can also ask your family members for advice if you need it.

  • Taking a parenting class should be a choice.

    People should not have to take a parenting class because nobody should tell you how to raise your own child. How does the teacher know what is right? Who made the rules? How do they know what is right? Every parent has the right to raise their child as they see fit. It is a learning process and something that every parent should have to figure out on their own.

  • It would take too much time.

    There is too much time that will be wasted. Did you ever think of how much money it will take? It will most likely become a federal law and be paid for by taxes. Some parents just don't have the time to go. If you need help parenting, you go and ask your elders (parents, grandparents). The money will be wasted on facilities and if they don't have enough will parents be able to go there and back to their homes? I am in a debate team and am looking at both sides, but I think it is a total waste of time!

  • No, many parents are responsible and can handle parenting just fine

    I personally feel that all parents should not be forced to attend parenting classes because many parents are responsible enough to understand how to properly care for a child. While there are also many parents who would benefit greatly from attending parenting classes, I do not feel it should be mandatory for everyone.

  • Parents have rights!

    Parents have the right to take care of their kids the way they want. If there is a problem at school or something the teachers should call. Parents should teach them right from wrong. But at times kids aren't going to listen. This does not give the school the right to expell kids from school though. They need to give detention or maybe suspended.

  • Not all should need classes

    Some people actually come from good homes with the basic fundamentals of how to raise their own children. As for the rest I'm not sure how you would enforce that. Some girls never tell anyone they are pregnant until the baby arrives. By then its kind of to late. She's either going to be a good parent or not.

  • Controlling baby making?

    First of all, there is no guide line on how to raise children. Each child is different. Second, how can you control if people make children. Not all birth control products work, because their will be those acciendental children out there. How will you enforce this law? Fine people who don't go to their classes? Then what, you're going to make them pay for their classes. Sounds like a great idea, but there needs to be a for sure way to do this.

  • Parents's shouldn't attend parenting classes.

    It's a complete waste of time, when you've got other more important things to do rather then spending your time every week or day going to parenting classes. Instead of paying a heap lot of money just to learn how to raise their children they could use books and the internet.
    Shouldn't you be prepared for all this anyway? Everyone is human you just need to understand them they're not animals so you could train them to be the way you want them to be.

  • It should be given as choice.

    People should not have to tell you how to raise your own child.
    But if you want to be told what to do then of course they can choose to go to these classes.
    What is wrong with being able to ask for advice from family or friends who have had kids already, nothing at all, they've been through the stages of bring up a child, so how would the classes be any better than your family or friends advice?

  • No, parents should not be required to attend parenting classes.

    It is very simple, nobody knows their child better than the parents. They know what a child needs, what a child wants, and hat is good and bad for a child. They have lived with the child for their entire life and need to be able to cooperate with their children.

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ABBAfan says2013-10-26T16:39:21.720
I have been a school teacher, a school counselor and a psychotherapist for 30 years....And I've never seen a parent who instinctively knew all the answers. The best parents never had the attitude that "no one needs to tell me how to raise my kids". In fact, just the opposite. They constantly used all the resources available to them...Books, counselors, other parents whom they felt had some great approaches to problems, videos on parenting, anything that would increase their parenting skills. They were smart enough to know that they didn't have all the answers. The most difficult parents to "reach" were those who felt they had all the answers and rather resented any suggestions from me. I do believe that we should require parents to gain knowledge of how children develop and what their needs are at each stage of their lives. I believe every parent would welcome suggestions as to how to handle situations that pop up daily. Most parents simply do the best they can, but no one has all the answers. We would never let someone set up an office and call himself a lawyer without the proper schooling and credentials. We wouldn't even let someone cut and style our hair without a license. And we surely don't want people driving on our highways without proper driving credentials. The most important job in the world (as well as the most difficult) is parenting. None of us is infused with parenting knowledge just because we can give birth or can father a child. It is something that must be learned....From many different sources. Believe me, it is not an insult to suggest that parents need help, any more than it would be an insult to insist on medical school for someone wanting to become a physician. We all need help. If we didn't, all parents would be perfect, raising perfect children. This may be a dream...But it's not reality. And it's surely not an "us" against "them"; rather it's "all of us working together for happy, healthy children".