Should all parents be required to take a parenting class before having a child?

  • Look at the children being raised.

    It is impossible to go anywhere without a child doing something they should not, should we blame external factors such as TV and the media for the rise of a generation of fools? No. We should blame the facilitators of its birth, the parents. So how best to remedy the situation, simple education and learning, you can coerce people to be better parents but you can help them. I can not imagine a person who would wish to be a bad a parent, thus we should enable everyone to be a better one. This will increase the successes of our generation, leading to better children and better workforce, saving nations millions (if not billions), which can be spent in better ways. It is merely logical to do so, because if we do not endorse this, why do we endorse universal education?

  • It will better prepare them for parenting

    A tax-funded, 1-month, concise class that has up-to-date parenting advice and units such as baby care (e.G. Burping, changing a diaper, feeding, SIDS prevention, baby CPR), discipline (the techniques seen on Jo Frosts TV program "Supernanny", especially the "naughty chair"), managing stress to prevent you from abusing your children, child CPR, child safety and child proofing your home dangers of technology (e.G. Internet predators cyber bullying, sexting, porn) parenting teenagers (e.G. Discipline, setting limits, sex, teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, violence, bullying, sexting), how to talk to your child about sex, drugs and alcohol and other important topics, how to address bullying as the parent of the bully or victim and how to recognize, prevent and respond sexual abuse, Here are some benefits to this:

    - Parents will be better prepared for the job of parenting
    - Parents will know how to manage stress, and what do when they are at the "breaking point," thus preventing child abuse
    - Parents will be better prepared to discipline, thus will more likely to do it
    - Parents will know how to discipline teenagers, thus there will be less teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol use, violence, bullying, sexting and juvenile crime
    - Parents will be better prepared to recognize and respond to bullying, whether their child is the bully or the victim
    - Parents will know CPR in case (god forbid) it's necessary
    - Parents will childproof their home
    - Parents will know how to recognize, prevent and respond sexual abuse
    - Many parents allow their child or teenager to use internet in their bedrooms, and not in an open area where everyone can walk by and look. This can result in the child contacting internet predators cyber bullying, posting nude photos online and viewing pornography. Parents should not allow internet in their child's or teen's bedroom and their child should be taken away if they do. . There is no good reason for a child or teen to have internet in their bedrooms. The parenting class will give parents advice on internet safety (internet devices are to be used in a family area when parents are home, parental controls including blocking, monitoring and time limits installed, parent or adult check regularly).

  • No they shouldn't.

    Parents should not be required to take a parenting class before having a child. The reason I feel this way is that many parenting classes are just not that good. Plus, they are generally just one persons idea of how to raise a child. There are many ways to raise a child and each way is valid for that person, in general.

  • No, they should not.

    I do not think parents should be required to take a parenting class before having a child. Having a child usually causes stress and the parents to worry enough as is if they will be good enough parents, they do not need more reasons to feel they will fail. When a child is born natural instincts to work well with the child usually kicks in.

  • Parents should not be required.

    Parents should not be required to take parenting classes, but if a parent fails at their job to take care of their child then the government should step in to tell the parent they need classes. A parent before the child is born can easily find a book on parenting to help them, if they can't afford classes.

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