• Ideally yes, they should

    If parents see a school that they think is a better fit for their child, they should be able to put them in it. It really is that simple, you only get to do the developmental years once and there shouldn't be anything to deny your child what is best for them.

  • Vouchers are necessary

    This question is one that has been around for quite some time and is not easily answered. There are groups on both sides of the issue that will insist that they are right and they will not budge regarding their opinions. Both sides have quality arguments and they both need to be open minded.

  • Yes, I believe all parents should have access to school vouchers.

    I think school vouchers are a fantastic idea that give a parent the option to be able to send their child to a higher quality private school at a lower cost, I think the voucher program is one of the best ideas in education today and should be expanded over time.

  • End vouchers now.

    No parents should have access to school vouchers. Vouchers merely exist to redistribute taxpayer money into the hands of corporations backed by conservative religious zealots. They offer precious little in the way of benefits to children, or their parents, in the long run. While schools could be better, vouchers are not the answer.

  • Not All Parents Should Have Access

    It is my opinion that not all parents should have access to school vouchers for their children. School vouchers should be reserved for only those families that are in true need of financial support, and not given to families that can afford to send their children to a private or charter school.

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