• Yes, they should...Let me explain

    I have a very bad computer and there is a lot of PC games that I would like to play but can't...The only thing I can rely on is my Xbox 360. My favorite PC game came to the xbox... World of Tanks. I absolutely loved this game and now it is on the xbox and I think if all PC games did this they would get more popular like Minecraft did.

  • Simply wouldn't work.

    For the majority of PC games this would not work, or the game itself would just have to be dumbed down and be complete and utter crap.
    For example.
    Without a keyboard it is difficult to play Garry's Mod.
    Without a keyboard and mouse it is difficult to play most RTS games.
    It is difficult to play most MMO's as well, they have to dumb down MMO's to make them work perfeclty on console, and we like them the way they are.
    I am no PC Eliteist but tons of PC gamers like to play with maximum graphics, which can't be done on consoles right now.
    I own a 360, A XB-one, A Decent Desktop PC, a PS3 and soon I will own a PS4. Trust me, it's better to just build your own pc or buy one off of CyberPower or iBuypower. Never buy an Alienware PC they are overpriced for what you get.

  • Unless you give us all your games.

    Yeah, you can't just take our exclusives unless we can have yours. Also the topic isn't that simple. Most of the games on PC that you want are probably indie games that you see a lot of on YT etc. Like amnesia for example, but a lot of devs of indie games like this don't want to pay the huge, gigantic, insane licensing fees of consoles. And with how much more difficult it is to update console games the consoles really should be paying the devs.

    Also, to make it a fair trade, virtually speaking we should have all the console exclusives like GTA V etc. However exclusives are basically the ornly way you could even try to argue that a console is better than a PC. So say goodbye to that idea pal.

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