• Yes, everyone deserves it.

    Everyone deserves to have children, people deserve the right to look over at their future self when they wake up in the morning, we deserve the right to know that we have made a normal body production successfully, we deserve to know that ourselves and most likely the one we love have made the future, that we have provided for our future. Why shouldn't we be allowed to have a child? Yeah maybe some people might be quite immature at times but why should that stand in the way of us ladies and gentlemen that are the complete opposite of those immature kids? It has been said y many people and parents included that no matter how much of a struggle children can be, they are always a source of support and happiness for adults. Children can show us what we need to improve on as parents, they show us what were doing wrong and what we do right. Everyone deserves a child and to become a parent.

  • Yes, but some people aren't mature enough.

    While I would normally lean towards no since there are so many parents who endanger their kids and abuse them, regulating which people have children and which don't is basically a eugenics program (like when the US sterilized many African-American women against their will and is now compensating the families with $50,000). People should be able to choose whether or not they want children (and should be provided the options to prevent/terminate a pregnancy if not mentally/financially prepared to raise a child).

  • All people should have the right to be parents.

    All people should have the right to be parents because it is a natural part of life. A government that does not let someone be a mother or father is being barbaric and unnatural. Often, people have children without planning because this is a natural occurrence. Everyone should have the right to reproduce.

  • Free Will in America

    Everyone has the right to be parents unless they break the law. Clearly, people in jail for life don't have rights whatsoever and won't be procreating. Child molesters and sex offenders should have limited rights. But in general, everyone in America has the right to be a parent either biologically or otherwise.

  • Maybe

    I think that's kind of hard because yes everyone should get at least a good chance to be a good parent. But people that have mental illnesses such as schizophrenia may not be fit to be a parent and no amount of trying could change that because they're not right in the head whether they're on medication or not. If the person is normal and maybe had a bad past, they should still get a chance.

  • Yes, parenting should be left to the individual

    Becoming a parent is an extremely personal decision that should be left to an individual. Who are we to try to determine who can and can not have kids? If anyone were to ever have this power it could destroy society and be used to discriminate against others. It goes against nature to restrict the right to have a child.

  • Yes

    All people should be born with the same rights as everyone else, not one person is more important or deserves more than the next. Who is capable of determining which people have the right to be a parent and which ones do not? I am not sure there is anyone that can make that decision so while there are some people who really shouldn't have kids, it is not our place to judge someone and tell them they can't.

    Posted by: jus
  • Yes, EVERYONE has the RIGHT to be a parent

    Everyone has the divine right to be a parent, however, just because people have the right to be a parent doesn't mean that everyone should be a parent. Let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be a parent and unfortunately in those cases, it's the children that suffer. NO ONE should EVER be able to or have the authority to tell ANYONE the they don't have the RIGHT to be a parent.

  • Yup yup yup

    Yes because it is a human right. Why would you take that right away from someone? Taking the right to have a child away from someone is wrong, and against the law. Why would you want to anyway? Everyone deserves a chance no matter what they did or didnt do.

  • Yup yup yup

    Yes because it is a human right. Why would you take that right away from someone? Taking the right to have a child away from someone is wrong, and against the law. Why would you want to anyway? Everyone deserves a chance no matter what they did or didnt do.

  • No, but how to enforce that?

    Couples that can't provide a decent level of emotional stability should not have kids. They're popping out kids that are bound to be abused and even worse are going to perpetuate that behaviour and probably pass it on to their kids. However there'd be no way to enforce that except under a totalitarian regime. Public campaigns might help I guess.

  • Too many idiots!

    There has be some solution to people having kids as a paycheck and third world countries that pop babies out faster than chickens laying eggs. In this overpopulated world there aren't enough socially and morally responsible people having babies. Where will we end up if 75% of the population stupidly or irresponsibly procreate, and the children they have are more likely to do the same, eventually we will be left with a world of morons. Think of a world filled with the idiots on Maury everyday... Yikes!

  • Not all people should be able to have children

    There are a massive amount of people who bring children into the world and mistreat them. I could never understand why somebody would want to bring an innocent human being into the word not to treat it as fairly as they want to be treated when there are many people that are unable to have children and could only dream about having a child to love and look after. It just doesn't make sense to me at all. Also, there are a lot of people who only have children in order for them to claim benefits from the government instead of people who are actually in the situation where they need them. So for those reasons and many others, NO! I do not think that everybody has the right to have children at all.

  • The first question here is:

    Why do you want to become a mother/father? So, you think that having a baby is all about love, changing diapers, watching them grow and ride their bikes? Yeah right, how easy does that sound? I won't even tell you to think about the world you are bringing a new kid to live in, first of all, think about you, are you the great example of a person who is ethically correct, morally right and no matter what, you always do the right thing? Do you really have a purpose to bring another human life to this world? Let me tell you, if you are looking for someone to send to the store to buy you cigarettes, or someone who will change your diaper when you are old, do not bother wasting time and sperm, this one also goes to the male chauvinists, GET A MAID! Seriously, what would you tell your kid if he/she asks you: Why did you bring me here? Oh or was it the holly spirit? Don't fool yourselves with: God wanted you to be here speeches, because as far as I know you were the one who had sex not God. Please, consider the situations going on around the world, ask yourself WHY?. I am not against being a parent, I have an awesome mother. But ignorance levels are bigger than reasons people have to become parents.

  • Children are becoming more of a luxury.

    Not all people are born with that parent instinct, and that is okay; sometimes a marriage is pressured into having children because they've reached their late 30's and think the relationship is only missing children, to be perfect and complete. Other people have the world at their feet and have absolutely everything they want, all they lack is a baby, so they have one but treat it like an animal, they don't give it attention because of the lack of time and leave it behind for others to watch over him/her. In some relationships, woman will conceive a baby, not with the mindset of wanting to become a mother, but as a way to keep a man by their side. If you don't feel that parent instinct, don't have babies, you're only going to hurt him/her in the end.

  • Too many children are born into families that don"t want them. The children end up abused, neglected and frequently murdered by their parents.

    Look at the rates of childbirth without insurance and drug arrests and how they correlate with the increase in the use of the foster care/adoption facilities in any high-risk area be it inner city, rural, or suburban. There has been a direct relation to meth use and foster-care use in recent years.

  • No, but there's no way to judge correctly.

    It would be wonderful if we had to apply to have a child the way we have to apply to get married or pursue certain careers. However, unless we live in a totalitarian state that is never going to happen. There is no way to stop a biological process from happening.

  • People that don't want kids shouldn't have them

    There are people that bring kids into the world even though they don't want them simply because of societal taboo's on abortion and birth control. It's not good for the parent or child if that child is not wanted. It simply serves to impovish several generations of people. It should be encouraged not to have children to times are right for the parents involved.

  • I don’t think that all people should have the right to be parents.

    I don’t think that all people should have the right to be
    parents. I think that people should have
    to take a test before they become parents.
    If that is not feasible, then all expecting parents should be required
    to take a class on parenting. This would
    produce much better parents.

  • No not really.

    It is hard to say because not everyone should be a parent because we have those abusive parents out there, however we can not suddenly decide who is good enough and who is not by a screening test of some sort because that really does not tell us just how great or bad a person is. They can lie.

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