Should all pornography, gore and videos with swearing be banned in the United States?

Asked by: Redspectre
  • Yess It SHOULD

    Well, people call these stuff "bad" right? These gore movies are from violence and violence is mostly "bad". I mean I don't think anyone wants people to violate them. People usually say don't watch porn and stuff. I don't see how porn could help anyone. Rather such things gets people messed up in their head. So basically it's bad. Then why have such bad stuff? Would people be proud of being bad?
    I personally have issues with these stuff so Yess plz.
    BTW these stuff are mostly devil's work. It's easy to be lured.

  • Destroy's ones Soul

    It destroys one's thinking. It makes men more perverts and is not decent at all to watch a stranger fucking a bunch of men for cash. It is also wrong to watch a man fuck the girl like an ape and abusing the girl during sex. Like someone 10 years older fucking their relative. It is also a sin to watch and fuck multiple men/women. It makes you a whore and a prostitute. It destroys the common decency of the good old America which is no more. Watching porn is shit and should be illegal. If you want to fuck go get a girlfriend/wife not watching some random stranger getting fucked by a bunch of old men abusing and forcing her to suck your dick.

  • They must get banned

    The world is way too scary, we should all live peacefully and mentally clean, those kind of videos are the personification of the human failure, specially the gore ones, I have no interest in watching mutilation videos, they scare me and make me feel unsafe, a world of evil actually.

  • The government needs to leave the people alone.

    Why does the government care if a person watches this kind of stuff? As long as they don't go violent on us, it's perfectly fine, and it's no one else's business. And who draws the line between what is illegal and what still isn't? For kids, it should be up to the parents to figure that boundary line between "bad" and "still OK" out. For adults, they need to be responsible and figure it out for themselves, because everyone is different. If the government starts making these kinds of difficult decisions, they'll always make one that makes more people angry than thankful.

  • Mind your own business

    What happened to the day's when people were accountable for their own actions? If you do not like it then don't watch it. It really is that simple. If your one of those people who don't like your kids seeing that stuff here's a newsflash. THEY ARE GOING TO SEE IT ANYWAYS. Do people honestly think kids are little angels at school around their friends? I've met some 4th graders that have made me cringe. The more you shelter your kid the more at risk they are. Sorry but you can't control everyone every little aspect of everyone's life because you do not like it. What you can do is expose your child gradually to something. Put your thoughts in on it but its ultimately up to the child as it their life. But as soon as you treat something like its the forbidden fruit the kids will want it even more than if you just showed them. And that's where the real damage can occur.

  • No America is a free country.

    Just as everybody else has said watching these things are an individual's choice. There are plenty of other things (cigarettes, alcohol) which are far worse and still legal and an individual's choice. Also I have seen no evidence so far that violence, gore, and porn have any detrimental affects on society.

  • Worst idea ever.

    We are a country that prides itself for its freedom of speech and almost total lack of government censorship. So why would anyone in their right mind ever want to essentially revert the country back to a police state with unnecessary and awful laws? First, swearing is only bad because WE associate meaning with it. We, as a society, make the conscious choice to be offended by any swear word. Not to mention that basically every piece of media on the planet has swearing in it. You'd be destroying decades of culture just because you find swear words slightly offensive.

    It is a conscious choice to watch pornography and even if it is censored, people will still watch it which will lead to needless violence and arrests of perfectly innocent people whose only crime was not moving out of the United States of America before a gang of psychopaths decided it would be a good idea to wipe the First Amendment off the face of the planet.

  • It's part of us

    Whether or not people like everything in entertainment DOESN'T MATTER. This stuff is part of our culture, and society accepting it or not is part of who we are as a nation. To take a portion of the publics opinion, no matter how big or small, and make it law would lead us into totalitarian state of forcing that minority to conform. I don't know about y'all but I live in America, an entire country built on freeing the minority.

  • To watch this stuff is an individual choice

    It really isn't anybody's business what people want to watch. If someone wants to watch pornography, that's their choice. If someone else doesn't because he/she thinks it's disgusting or whatever, that's also their choice. Nobody should force their own opinions on others, and nothing should be banned simply because a certain person or group of people have some sort of personal taboo against it.

    Also, masturbation has been shown to be healthy. I don't believe in God, but if he did exist, I don't think that he would make masturbation feel good if he didn't want us to do it.

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