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    Yes we should lol it very good lol go and play with a laptop in school it will be more good now we should just go and play and learn with a laptop getting a laptop with get us a new school so every school should give us a better chance of getting to school in time

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  • Definitely they should

    I think it good because IT SAVES TIME! You research quickly and get it done . There will be no stressing on getting it done. You don't have to go to the library and waste time trying to find what you are looking for . Your children do not have to go to you crying that you didn't get assessment

  • Yes they should

    Also, it is way easier to research with computer than books. Also, since laptop has calculator and dictionaries will help students.Kids should have laptops for school. Teachers then have an easier job of teaching the kids and if the kids don't get a question they can get help from the Internet.

  • Primary Kids are too young for using laptops.

    Laptops aren't necessary for study at their age, and they are too young for using laptops more than 6 hours (school) per day. There's more chance that they will need a glasses when they're older. High school is alright because it's necessary now for them to use laptop to do research.

  • They are a distraction and don't help children learn, but they can look up any answer they want.

    Some believe that giving the children access to computers will make learning easier. But I head a phrase once.. We're becoming a world full of dumb people with smart phones. Because anyone can look something up and suddenly they think they know everything. When more than likely they aren't retaining any real knowledge. And also some schools think if they have access to music on devices, that it will help them study or whatever. But proof with my son - they have laptops to carry around and can listen to music and he looks up videos. It's distracting and his grades are now affected by it.

  • Children shouldn't have computers.

    Children under adolescence should not have their own computers. They would only spend all their time on it when they should be outside playing. If they use a computer, it should be the family computer in a communal family room where their parents can keep an eye on them and there should be blocks on the computer to keep them from accessing websites that they should not be on. Children aren't responsible enough to use a computer on their own.

  • No all primary school students should not have laptops.

    As laptops are more expensive then normal day computers, there is no need for primary school students to have laptops. They can receive and benefit from the same type of education they can get on a normal day computer for half the price. By giving them all laptops you are allowing a huge budget dent to be put into the education budget.

  • Diverts the students from studies....

    Laptops divert students from their studies and the children often start to chat with their friends and lose concentration over their studies. They children may often tend to view explicit content though advertisements. Social networking and emails are a sin for school going children.
    Hence I say that laptops should not be provided to school children....

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