• Yes, one term should be the limit.

    I think it would be a very good idea if all elected officials could serve only one term in office. I think if politicians knew they were only going in for one term, it would completely change the way the game is played. They would have to rethink their strategy all the way from the amount of campaign dollars spent to the promises they would be able to make. It would also have a profound effect on the relationships officials have with lobbyists. I think it would be a good change.

  • No, I don't think so.

    No, I believe that all publicly elected officials should have the chance to be elected for a second term if the people find them a good and effective leader. There are often times where a leader shines in their second term as they have had enough time to carry out all the things that they have intended to implement.

  • Not all Publicly Elected Offiicials are the Same

    Publicly elected officials and run the gamut of very high powered influential positions, to more municipal day to day work horse jobs. Those that are too risky or hold too much power should be able to hold office longer. Those jobs that are directly affecting and relating to the public should be reviewed and voted for more often.

  • I disagree, setting the term limit to one would make government even more ineffectual than it presently is.

    Public officials should have term limits but a limit of one is too strict. In any job there is a learning process, and while it is true that anyone who works in the same job long enough will probably learn how to game the system, should they so choose, it is also true that people who are inexperienced are less effective in most cases. I think government overall would become more ineffective than it already is at passing needed legislation and overseeing that regulation because everyone would be "the new guy/gal." I think a term limit of two or three is reasonable depending upon the length of the term, but I think a term limit of one would ultimately prove too costly for tax payers.

  • Not all public elected officials should be limited to one term

    Not all public elected officials should be limited to one term. I believe the system we have in place is working perfectly fine and we don't need to be limited to one term. If at some point in the future public officials start abusing the system, then we might have to change it to one limited term, and that goes for every elected official.

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