Should all publicly funded institutions be forced to adopt a secular ethos?

Asked by: Fummy
  • Read The f***ing Constitution

    Are you kidding me? Everyone who has put a "No" answer has just admitted they don't care about free speech. ARE YOU f***ing KIDDING ME? We live in America, A country that protects freedom of thought, Separation of church and state (secularism), And freedom of thought, All of those would be discarded if we funded religious institutes with taxpayer money. To all wannabe theocrats: GO PUBLICLY f**k YOURSELVES AND MOVE TO IRAN. This is ridiculous.

  • Keep them separate.

    If you were/are Christian, How would you feel if your kids attended a class that taught a Muslim, Or Wiccan theology? Can you imagine a parents reaction if their child came home and said they want to convert? On top of that, It is their tax dollars that are paying for it? Christians tend to assume that the school would stick to a purely Christian doctrine but by law, All religions must be treated equally.
    Look, If you want your child to have a religious based education, There are many private schools that offer it. The only catch is, You will be paying for it and not the tax payers who do not share your religious belief.

  • Higher Scores in school

    Should schools be made secular, Students' grades will drop. Studies have shown that students who practice their religion more regularly have on average a higher GPA by 14%. 26% of students who achieve As in their exams attend religious activities regularly, And a further 21% attend religious activities monthly. Only 13% of A students never attend religious activities. Thank You.

  • I marginally agree. As a libertarian, I do advocate public schools should be secular. The issue at hand is how much should government money involved?

    1) In USA, Schools are generally expected to present unbiased information and objective analysis capabilities. Having an intentional bias on either decreases purpose of school.
    2) The qualifier is needed as even secularism is a position itself. To remain atheist is at least an anti-religion position (not exclusively anti-Christian, Anti-Hindu, Etc)
    3) There is a limited capability of learning information and analysis skills if a metaphysical position is established. Secularism minimizes such position (but still does have one! ) IF GOVERNMENT PAYS

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