• Well yes but

    They all are treated equally in America at least which is actually one of the only countries that does treat them all fairly. You want to see real discrimination look what happens to the muslims of the wrong sect in certain muslim countries, or what happens to gay people there. America is not racist, sexist, or homophobic.

  • Everyone deserves a chance

    In every century, there are standards that many people comply to consciously and subconsciously. If an individual were poor, than we were to be automatically deemed to be mentally inferior. In the prior century, African Americans were deemed to be uncivilized. From each race, creed, and class comes individuals who are very intelligent or physically astounding. I concede to the notion that every race will be subject to consistent qualities due to the environment they are raised in. There will always be people in those environments that will be subject to completely unique qualities. If we were to live in my adversaries' world, than Steve Jobs would be deemed mentally inferior due to being the product of two Syrian individuals.

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