Should all references to God be removed from government?

Asked by: AK_Awesomeness
  • Separation of church and state

    Religion has no place in government at all, it is completely irrelevant to what the government is doing and should have absolutely zero say in government activity. Everyone should be free to believe or not believe in whatever they want and the American government needs to stop favoring Christianity so much.

  • Separation of Church and State

    I believe that in accordance to the U.S. Constitution, religious references in our government (such as "under God") should be removed. It is important to remember that everyone has the right to believe (or not believe) in whatever they want. And although I believe every individual in the government should be allowed to believe in any religion, the government however should stay neutral and unbiased as a whole to preserve those rights of every individual (instead of basically labeling the country as Christian).

  • Church and State

    Although the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of religion, it also has to respect and acknowledge other beliefs such as atheism and religions not based on the same god. The references seen in the U.S. Government are specifically structured from a Christian-based religion, and in turn favoring it. These references are unconstitutional in the eyes of someone who does not identify with a Christian religion.

  • We're not a theocracy

    Since when are principles like rule by an elected oligarchy, capitalism, and limited democracy exclusive to religion? It could just as easily be said the country was founded on secular principles. Because we're not supposed to be a theocracy (we are semi-theocratic in several places), references to God take on a purely artistic meaning rather than a practical one, and give an impression that is false.

  • This country was founded on freedom of religion. Not freedom to be only christian.

    This is a nation of freedom, but having god all over the government makes this seem like a only christian nation. We need to fix this because we are not only a christian nation, we a a nation of many people. This is not constitutional because it is interfering with freedom of religion.

  • Religion holds us back.

    I am assuming the people arguing no are Christian. But in the US there is freedom of religion. This nation is not built on belief in God? This nation is built on the idea that religion is something people keep in their private life, that is the separation of church and state. Say we put public prayer in at schools, here is the thing we have freedom of religion so we could not just have it be Christianity we would have to pray to any gods anyone wanted to. Keep in mind there are about 4,000 religions active today. In any case the Constitution never ones mentions Christianity, God, or Jesus, the only time it even mentions religion is to say a religion will never be established. In any case most of the founding fathers were deists, which was like an atheist of that time period.

  • Religion has no place in politics

    Regardless of what religion you practice, the text it is based on is at best a hypothesis written by a HUMAN BEING. Any lunatic can write a book containing 'prophecies' and 'teachings' but only a lunatic with followers can call it a religion. You wouldn't govern your country according to Cthulu so don't govern your country based on the Bible or any other religious text.

  • Refrences of God should not be removed from gobernment.

    The founding father addes God to the government. Beforecourt started there was prayer and Bibles were in every school across the nation. The founding fathers put that in. If they wanted America to have refrences of God then the government should have refrences of God. The founding fathers were the reason this nztion started, they don't want anything to change about. If you created something and future generations wanted to chanhe it, how would it make you feel?

  • Keep our heritage

    I think that the references to God in government should not be removed. The 1st Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, and that should apply to the government as well. The US Government has every right to keep all references to religion, as long as it is not trying to establish an official religion. So, religious references to God should not be removed from our government.

  • Foundation is key to success.

    This nation, as illustrious and provocative as we are, is forgetting that it was built on 3 core beliefs: Belief in one's own good, Belief in community and Belief in God. Now, I am aware that 200 years ago, people were not as technologically advanced, but they did what they did so we can do what we do, and we should applaud their heroism, not reprimand them.

  • Nation founded on god, gods people love all. All as in everyone from evil to good and anyone in between.

    No man is perfect, founding fathers may not have been perfect, but the american people were rooted in the church and raised a government of strong checks and balances just as the bible keeps us in check. Those of you who say "under god" or whatever is a threat to atheist and all others here this: according to the bible and Jesus Christ, the cardinal law given to people "under god" is to LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR AS THYSELF. We were made in gods image, who loved the world that he gave his son for us believe it or not. The point is, is that Christians act in the image of a God who loves all, from the Taliban,Muslim, jimbo jon from timbuk your mom, evil doers, republicans and democrats and all in between. You will never under stand it, i can only shake my head for what is, is gods will. We Christians are not here to change the world but spread the word, spread peace and love to all, those in need rejoice to it, those who seek to conqueror the world on there own will despise it. In fact many cant stand the fact Christianity loves all, it is the for most reason for the removal and destruction of it. It is the sole most atked religion, ranging from the holocaust to modern day murder to babies and marriage. Check out this verse from the bible the "fake bible' as many non believers would call it.
    James 4
    11. Speak not evil of one another, brethren. He that speaketh evil of his brother, and judgeth his brother, speaketh evil of the law, and judgeth the law: but if thou judge the law, thou art not a doer of the law, but a judge.

    To those of you who have "tried god but its all a sham doesnt work he wont listen."
    James 4
    2 Ye lust, and have not: ye kill, and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.
    3 Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts.
    It means repent, have true faith, let god guide your life dont take it into your own hands, ask with true intent (not greed) to do gods good peace and loving work and you will receive.

    All in all, you people will do what you want, remove Christianity from every text book or government, is this not what you want, kill all of us, murder slander despise scorn burn us, we will be at peace, and your burning seething spiteful anger will not be fulfilled. We will love you till the end of ends I pity you that wish to remove such a people, well gl in life later hf, jjared094@gmail.Com thats my email plz dont be a spaming scammer

  • God has nothing to do with religion and religion has nothing to with god Bless Americia

    It is because Americans are the only ones that got it right.When I say we got it right We knew that it would take every american to work side by side and take care of each other to make THIS GODS COUNTRY! I ask you this religion of any faith what religion was God?

  • God has nothing to do with religion and religion has nothing to with god Bless Americia

    It is because Americans are the only ones that got it right.When I say we got it right We knew that it would take every american to work side by side and take care of each other to make THIS GODS COUNTRY! I ask you this religion of any faith what religion was God?

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