Should all school subjects be made optional from day one?

Asked by: knightj
  • Schools should Have a basic class

    Students should have a basic knowledge of science, Math and English. But once you get to high school and all the adults in your life are suddenly like "what do you want to do when you leave high school. " elementary is the place where all classes are mandatory and you don't get a choice is to find out what you have an interest in but high school you should find the classes that are right for what you want to do when you are older like i i went into music why would i need to know what prosses a star goes through

  • Who needs Language arts when they grow up?

    I think it is better when kids choose subjects according to the career that they will grow up in programmers will do math, musicians will take music, athletes will take P.E. And so on. But my point is that not everybody needs to be educated in every class. That's my reasoning and its your job to agree with it or not.

  • All subjects should be made compulsory until half way through high school

    It is really important that all CHILDERN have the general understanding and a good foundation for all subjects until mid high school. It would make no sense whatsoever for me to keep studying math and business if i would want to be pursuing art, RIGHT and i agree that it would be a waste of time studying something that you wont pursue.

  • All should be manditiory until High School

    I think it is important for kids up until high school to have a general understanding of all subjects, by atleast halfway through high school kids should be able to choose what they want to study. I know I don't want to pursue science or math in the future, so why should I have to take them if I would rather pursue history and modern issues. I understand a basic knowledge of all subjects are important, but I see it as a waste to learn things that you wont pursue.

  • For sure yes

    They should all be optional but you should be required to study a certain number of them. RS should not even be a subject. It should be banned in the UK, like in France. Parents teach, not teachers, not for religion.
    English GCSE is mainly for journalists, and not many people become one. It depends on the content of the subject.

  • Some should be required

    I think in 11th and 12th Grade it should be compulsory to do English, Maths, health/personal development, physical education and religious education. Then the rest of the subjects should be chosen by the students to fulfill their needs, interests, talents, future aspirations and abilities.

    In 9th and 10th grade I think the following subjects should be compulsory
    Social sciences - history, geography, civics and business
    Physical education
    Health and personal development
    Religious education
    At least 1 art subject - art, music, drama and dance
    At least 1 technology subjects - hom ec, manual arts, graphics, computers, agriculture etc

    Then all other languages other than English, arts and tech subjects should be optional.

    I think in 7th and 8th grade (which are in high school in Australia) all subjects should be compulsory except for languages other than English, where students should be able to choose their language..

  • Most are necessary

    I think that most of the current mandatory subjects should remain mandatory. Let me explain, the subjects that help you with life, math, english, science etc. I do think should remain necessary. However, a lot of people will never use the skills that they acquired in art, languages, music etc.

    For that reason, I don't think that the following subjects should be mandatory:


    A lot of those subjects I enjoy, however, I don't for most of them I probably won't use the skill that I acquire from them in my later life.

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