• Yes, junk food should be banned.

    Junk food is food that has an overabundance of sugar or fat and has no nutritional value but that is sold for snacking throughout the day. That should not be in our schools as kids can have fruit and such for snacks. School lunches should be tasty but healthy and include a dessert.

  • Ban Junk Foods Immediately

    Junk foods need to be removed from elementary and high schools around the nation. We should not be giving unhealthy foods to our children and teens for any reason. Without a doubt, better alternatives are available and could easily be served in schools. Junk foods need to be removed immediately.

  • Ban the junk

    Kids get tired much faster and it increases childhood obesity. If schools ban junk food then child obesity would go down at least 30 percent. Also, kids would be filled with energy from having fruits and veggies so, they would be ready for the rest of their classes and sports activities.

  • Yes they should

    I think that schools should ban junk food. It is way too prevalent in schools and is unhealthy and a distraction. If junk food was banned, behavior might get better and kids might be able to pay attention better. Banning junk food also teaches kids young that certain foods are not good for them. They might not like it, but it would be better for everyone overall.

  • Schools should ban junk food

    So many children are obese or overweight. Since they spend so much time in schools, the food sold/distributed there should be healthy food. Junk food should not be provided at school, but school food programs should be overhauled to make sure the food there is healthy and delicious. Given unlimited access to junk food, most kids would choose to eat it and their health will suffer.

  • Kids should be served junk food again.

    If the food is kept the way it is then kids will be hungry the rest of the day, healthier countries dont do this. The reason is simple because the problem isnt what we eat its how much we eat. The constant snacking is the cause so let kids eat food instead of it tasting like a shoe. More food is thrown away than eaten every day.

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  • No no no

    No, it's not really going to help anything It would be a stupid idea to ban junk food at school because kids will find a way around it. You want to ban junk foot at school? Go ahead. But kids can eat junk food at home if the parents allow it.
    Life is too short to not enjoy things that you love.

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  • They should not.

    All schools should not even think about banning junk food. Just because there are kids in school who have an obesity problem, does not mean that all of the other kids who are healthier should have to suffer, The fight on obesity starts and ends at home, not at school.

  • Never in my life would i agree with this

    It is estimated that 37% off 5th and 8th graders are overweight at schools that had banned junk food. But at schools that have junk food have less than 18% of kids that are overweight. While getting rid of junk food sounds like a good idea the school boards need consider some of the outcomes. I am 13 years old and very fit i love junk food and i am still not fat. Pleeeeaaaassseee comment or like if you read

  • All schools should not ban junk food.

    It is overly harsh to ban all junk food in schools. Kids should be allowed to have some junk food as dessert. Even if schools ban junk food on campus, kids can still eat it outside. It is unrealistic to make kids eat nothing but health food. Kids should be allowed to be kids sometimes.

  • Students should use common sense

    Students should be smart enough to know that too much of any kind of food is going to make you gain some extra pounds. Junk food isn't good for you, but it also won't necessarily kill you, if in moderation. Students who study hard and really work for their grades, should be able to treat themselves to a nice treat during lunch, aka a form of junk food.

  • Junk Food Is Rare

    I do not believe public schools have a lot of junk food available on a regular basis. In my sons school they usually have cookies or cupcakes for celebrations or birthdays. I believe the kids immensely enjoy this and overall it doesn't harm them at all. I think it would be unfortunate if those celebrations ended because people wanted to ban all junk food from every school.

  • I think that school should not banned junk food

    If you banned junk food you banning all food and some kids don't eat food they eat junk food so its better then eating junk food then eating nothing at all, Also if they banned junk food their banning all foods because burgers are junk food fries are junk food and more

  • Schools should not ban junk food.

    Schools already put enough pressure on students. If schools take away junk food students will just be even more upset or down when they're at school. I know I eat junk food to help me calm down, or when I'm craving something that just has a lot of flavor. Yes, I know that they say that school lunches are healthy, but some of the school lunches I get are questionable. The lunch period is only about 30 minutes long, I don't eat much at lunch, so I go for the junk food for some fuel to keep me going through the rest of my classes.

  • Do Not Ban Junk Food

    When you were a kid and you were in school did you like to go to the cafateria and pick up a nice bag of chips or a good cookie? Your answer is probly yes because after a long morning don't you want to eat a delicous snack? I'm not saying that you should eat junk food all the time but ocasionally it is a good tasty snack.

  • We should not

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  • Parents get made about this ban and kids don't have no fun

    Parents all around the world don't Have Enough money to buy so much stuff like a disco party which can cost so much money. So they hold it at schools.

    Kids also do not like this ban either just like parents. If they are poor they don't even get to celebrate their birthday.

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