• I went to private school...

    And it was very VERY affordable. $450/mo for four years. That's not bad at all, considering the great education I received. If we stopped government funding of schools, your taxes would no longer go to public school, and the money saved would go to private schooling. It's basic economics. The schools would not raise prices if their teachers aren't good. If a school isn't good, either no one will attend or the school board would need to make changes to tuition, staff, etc. Basic capitalism. Public schools are awful, especially in inner cities. Why do you think so many inner-city families scrape together every last penny to send their kids to charter schools? Because they want them to have a real education!

  • All schools should be private

    There is no constitutional right to a public, government school. Similarly to housings, food, cars, transportation, we don't want the government telling private citizens where they can live or what they can eat or what they should drive. Parents need to again become the first and primary teachers for their children and must not abdicate everything always to the government bureaucracy whose greatest motivator is to promote itself.

  • Yes they should

    I believe that government subsidies should be provided for private schools, just as children who attend public school have a portion of their education funded. I believe that parents have the right to choose which school their children attend. It would only be fair for the government to give a private school subsidy equivalent to what would be paid if the child were attending a public school. The parents of children in private school are still required to pay the taxes that fund public schooling.
    4. The privatization of schools will save the government money ( right now education does not have a strong business model and I believe this is partially due to the government pumping money into failing systems that will always have children because where are you going to send your kids if you do not have money... Thereby always having money to remain afloat and perpetuate mediocre education.

  • Better education for students

    I experience going to a private school first hand. I went to public schools my entire life up to middle school and thought private school would not be that different. Boy was I wrong. Private schools give students one on one relationships with teachers and have a much more dedicated student body. They also try to get you to grow as a person. They tell the students that they want us to graduate as a man and women for others. I go to a catholic school to but there are many kids from different religions that also go to my school, and they are very happy. My school does not try to convert kids to Catholicism they actually try to strengthen whatever your faith is. Yes private schools cost a lot of money but its worth it for the material you learn.

  • Private schools are better option by far

    The government is completely in control of the public school curriculum, thats dangerous, and socialist(just ask Nazi Germany). Privates schools wont charge high prices, because parents will just go find a cheaper school. They will all use the latest and greatest technology and teaching methods. If they don't, then the beauty of the free market kicks in, and their demand drops, and families stop paying and go to the school that uses these resources.

    People will pay more for the best school in each city. If you run the least popular school, you better innovate, or you go out of business. Everyone benefits in competition

  • Schools should be privatized.

    Putting a price on education would create more parent buy-in, which would help motivate students to do better. Many sources have also demonstrated that private schools have a higher graduation rate and academic success. Perhaps the price for education could be income based, but as a teacher I feel like we are setting our students up to fail with the current system. Many students have little drive to reach their highest potential because they have nothing at stake. It does not cost them anything and we don't really hold students back anymore.

  • There's no contest here.

    It is apparent that those who argue against privatizing education either have no understanding of how a free market system works (and how it benefits EVERYone, not just the rich), or are simply choosing not to consider it. By allowing schools to be private and compete with one another (in terms of both cost and quality of education), the cost of going to many schools will naturally have to be made affordable by the school owners in order to attract an adequate number of "customers". Similarly, schools will have to consistently improve the quality of their education in order to stay in competition with other schools. I realize that not all families can afford even a small tuition, but that is what charitable organizations/individuals and other social support services are for. Individuals and private organizations are MUCH better at helping the poor than the government will ever be anyway (FACT).

  • Let schools be schools again

    Let schools be schools again. Teachers are now taught how and what to teach in schools, they have no control over what they think students should learn. I understand that many can't afford private school but there is always Christian/Jewish/Muslim/and religion schools that are less expensive. Also new cheaper private schools would pop up that the lower class/middle class could easily afford. Lastly it gives parents choice, I go to a public school and hate it but its hard to find a good private school right for me that has a good accelerated/gifted program for my fast learning pace. If all schools were private it would be easy for each student to find the right school were they can flourish.

  • Public Schools lead to government control of youth

    Public schools have proven to do nothing but give biased information manipulated by the government to have students believe what it wants them to. A perfect example is how public schools teach students how religion wasnt a principle of our founding fathers or that only evolution is a viable source of creation. The argument used saying it makes schooling affordable is also moot because the amount of money people would save off their income tax would easily provide the funds for the public schooling of a child. If not financial aid could be available.

  • No, we need public schools

    No, I believe we still need public schools. There are many families who cannot afford to send their children to a private school. Also, if the only private school in your area is say Catholic and you are Jewish, the system won't work. The children would be better off in a public school that will separate education and religion.

  • No, all schools should not be private.

    I think the economy is already in a very scary place. If we privatize all schools and a tuition is required to attend then it will only make the economy worse. Families should not have to pay to send their children to school. If we want to keep up academically then school has to be available to all students.

  • No, the poor cannot afford them.

    If all schools were private it would merely exaggerate the conditions we see today in America's public school system. The rich and middle class would benefit from this since they would be able to send their children to more expensive schools. But, the poor would be forced to pay for inadequate education.

  • Education is not private good

    I do not think education is private good. Education is about creating public value and culture. Education is also the fundamental rights and have impact on realizing other rights. It is commitment of state to ensure basic education. Privately owned (I would prefer to say privately owned schools rather than private schools) are more interested towards profit making rather than ensuring fundamental rights of education. Therefore, education as a public good should be publicly managed.

  • Education is not private good

    I do not think education is private good. Education is about creating public value and culture. Education is also the fundamental rights and have impact on realizing other rights. It is commitment of state to ensure basic education. Privately owned (I would prefer to say privately owned schools rather than private schools) are more interested towards profit making rather than ensuring fundamental rights of education. Therefore, education as a public good should be publicly managed.

  • So I'm left out?

    I was born here, however I still come from a family of immigrants. I'm an A+ mostly student, the lowest grade I have in all my high school classes is A- . By privatizing schools how am I going to pay for school? Or will the rich be the only ones who will go to school? Rich kids who on average probably score lower than me academically at any subject. ( I can say that with confidence having a perfect transcript)

  • Private Schools are No Better Than Public Schools

    There are some advantages of privates schools (such as small class size, better scores); however, they're no better than public schools. The problems with private schools are: the hunger for money, staff does not need full credentials, don't follow federal standards, and are too lenient on bullies. In addition, students will start to develop a attitude like everything is entitled to them. Ha! I don't think all schools should be private and parents should have the choice to choose.

  • No, all schools should not be private.

    In my opinion, I think all schools should not be private. There are three reasons based on my opinions. The first reason is that private schools need to spend more money than public schools. Now, there are many families that cannot support their children to the private school. According to this reason it can bring up the problem and that will be the next reason. The reason is that people will think only studying in private school can get higher education and studying in public school cannot get it. And also they will think that only private school have more resources like the equipment from the school or more opportunities after graduate. Later on, in the private school, the students will start to compare with other students like wearing or bringing the famous brand to school and that will be the third reason. This might influence their attitude and deviate after graduate. The circulate will keep on going. All above this three reasons, I disagree all schools should be private.

  • Private schools are selective in who they accept.

    Private schools do not have to accept everyone like public schools do. Look at college, for example. Private colleges that compete with state colleges are not just more expensive (at least 10-20k more a year) they don't always offer better education. Private schools tend to select students that are going to make them look good.

  • Because education is a mandate.

    Even though it may seem that private/charter schools would be a good economic option, mandates hardly ever work out for the best when the government isn't responsible for them. I.e. look at how mandated health coverage has caused problems in the insurance field. Prices skyrocketed for a lot of people since demand was so high.

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