• All schools should be required to have uniforms

    I believe that when students wear uniforms, they feel more professional and behave accordingly.
    Also u wont be judjed on what you wear and parents will save money from buying kids uniforms for school. And finally laundry would less stressful for parents. So get your principal and start school uniforms today!!

  • Uniforms help students!

    Even though your children may hate uniforms, it can help your child concentrate! With uniforms, no student can get distracted by other students outfits, hair, or any other accessories. Uniforms also keep students from coping with violence, cuss words, distractions, etc... "Many tutors and headmasters adopt uniform policies because it promotes a professional atmosphere in classes and exams." said Matthew Caines.


  • Uniforms Are Must

    In School Each Student must be seen Equal .Beacuase Schools are built to spread knowledge nd to Teach an Imp. Lesson that Each & Every Human Being is equal .
    Uniform Finishes a Complexed competition b/w students about their dress codes. In school a student goes to gain teachings instead of Showing off his/her lavish cloths

  • Yes they should

    There are so many reasons. First off security. With uniforms teachers can quickly see who should be there and who should not.

    It gives the school an identity for both the students and in the community and it helps each child develop a sense of belonging.

    It removes competition between students about what they wear so they can be judged on what they say and do not what they wear and how much money they have.

    It helps kids avoid trends when strict hairstyles and jewellery rules prevent them from doing innapropriate styles too young.

  • It is necessary for uniforms.

    It is necessary for all children to wear uniforms because there would be no judging based off of the clothes children wear. In my opinion though, they should be provided during registrations when school starts because not all people and families can afford it. That is my reasoning. Some may not agree but this is my opinion.

  • Suit them up

    I run an all Male Boarding School and by all means uniforms are imperative. We require a full Suit and Tie dress code daily with no casual days during the School year.Students must wear Gray tweed jacket, White Shirt, Black Tie and Black dress Slacks with Black dress shoes everyone is the same. Violations are dealt with tough disciplinary action.And no one complains.

  • Make Uniforms Reasonable!!!!

    I wear a uniform to school and I do find that it is easier to get ready in the morning. However most uniforms are UNCOMFORTABLE! The main purpose for uniforms is "to eliminate bullying" which is NOT going to happen! There will always be a reason for someone to pick on a minority clothing is hardly a factor. I say make uniforms comfy! I.E. Sweatpants with the school logo on it and a simple t-shirt. At least we wont be getting yelled at if its cold in our class and someone wears a sweater that is "not uniform". This way we wont be fidgetting with our uncomfortable itchy pants and paying $60 for an ugly golf shirt!

  • Students shouldnt be required to wear uniforms

    The bullies can still find infinitely more ways to bully someone; race, religion, colors, size, hair, almost everything about them.
    By uniforms, you are kinda openly stating to unwanted adults that you are of school age.
    Students need freedom. My classmates act a bit feral without freedom. Imagine the whole school.
    It costs money for uniforms, so what about poor children? Does that mean they can't go to school?
    You can't deny a student in a public school.

  • Uniforms should not be obligatory!

    The clothing of each person / student describe his personality and the person that is in each of us. By forcing students to wear uniforms are taking a way them freedom. Each of us must be able to convey who we are through our clothes. There are not the clothes that change the performance a student.

  • Keep kids enthusiastic about school.

    I think they makes kids less interested in school. And are purely there for the schools image and not the benefit of the children. I don't think it's harmful for children to be able to express them self's in their clothing provided they are some rules around what they can and can't wear.

  • Because that's too much laundry

    If every school even public school have to wear uniforms, it would be harder on our parents. They would have to clean your uniforms over and over again while we could be wearing different clothes until they get around to wash a certain item because not everything is cleaned instantly.

  • I Strongly Disagree

    I think that schools that have uniforms don't let kids express themselves . I think going out and having to buy specific clothing for your child to go to school is a hassle . If you don't have the clothes they require or ask for you have to go out of your way to get them .

  • What's the point?

    Why not let the brats dress how they want? Give some guys a good time when girls dress in skimpy outfits. And some would say it hinders one's individuality. That is really not the issue. Forcing them to wear specific outfits is unnecessary in the first place, not to mention that it's a waste of money to have to buy the uniforms. Maybe it's easier on the families, maybe not. Go ahead and challenge it if you want in the comments section.

  • That are pointless

    They provide no help to the learning experience and they could just be hard to keep up with. If you asked me where the clothes I wore yesterday are, I would just stare you blankly in the face. Wearing your own clothes also can be used to express yourself and that is an important part of young life.

  • No. English is not the only language in the world.

    There are plenty of languages in the world and not everyone that has the internet is able to speak English. For them to use the internet, they would have to learn a completely new language. That's not fair to them, and not fair of us to do that to them.

  • Its unnecessary for kids to have uniforms because it doesn't matter how the kids are dressed for them to learn

    Kids are more comfortable in their own clothes so then if they wear what they want in school, they will be more focused on what they are doing. They have the ability to learn at their own pace, yet they have to be comfortable with what they are doing. Therefor children shouldn't have to wear a school uniform

  • Uniforms are expensive and a burden to parents.

    My daughter is a heavier kid. Not because she is overweight, but because she has hips and a big bottom. We have trouble finding pants that she can fit. The pants are to expensive as is, so I couldn't afford to have them tailored.
    This is very upsetting to me.

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