• Yes because when we / everyone go on a field trip the will ll se each other and know where to go.

    School uniforms support the school. It makes the school look neat and tidy, it doesn't make the school a big fashion parade by having the most expensive or best looking cloths. It doesn't cost parents as much because they only have to buy one or two pairs of cloths that will last a few years. It also makes the student belong at the school.

  • School uniforms support the school.

    It makes the school look neat and tidy, it doesn't make the school a big fashion parade by having the most expensive or best looking cloths. It doesn't cost parents as much because they only have to buy one or two pairs of cloths that will last a few years. It also makes the student belong at the school.

  • Yes yes yes

    Guys I preffer schools having uniform because it show unity and plus the people who can not afford high figh stylish clothes might end up suffering from bullying or discouragement. At first even I hated uniforms but after I know the importance of it I realise that it is good and should be refered by most of the school.

  • Yes obviously they are.

    With the growing mean and unemphatic population, uniforms help to keep unnecessary and bullying remarks at bay. All kinds of kids go to school, from different cultural and economic backgrounds. The same uniform helps to maintain an equality and brings the personality to focus. People often tend to make a premature judgement on a person on the basis of appearance and dressing style. If they deem it to be below their imaginary standard, they tend not to proceed to know a person and make him feel welcome even though what may hide behind that barring display, there might lie a like minded person with a powerful persona. So often one gets to make long lasting friendships that were not based on shallow reasons and one builds a wider circle and broad view, Often such norms that may seem insignificant, subtly create a ripple effect and makes a strong difference.

  • School uniforms are important

    School uniforms are very important, not just for your school but for your saftey, an example would be if your on an excursion into the city and are told to go explore and meet back at a certain place. You may get hustled and they aren't letting you pass, if people see you are having trouble they will help you, but if your out of unifor they will not help you because they think your a ferral adolescent. They are the saftey reasons. The school uniform represents the school and makes the school look good.

  • Bullying problems in schools

    Yes school uniforms should be mandatory in school because of bullying problems. Some kids get bullied everyday because of the cloths they wear to school everyday because their not top fashion and their parents gaurdians cant afford cloths. Yes i understand uniforms can be expensive but if you by them at the thrift store most people could not noticed and you dont stand out with the cloths that you would have on because you would all look the same. There fore most schools are cutting down on bullying and that is one way to stop the bully uniforms!

  • School uniforms discourage judgement based on wealth and choice of brands

    Unfortunately, children sometimes subject each other to harsh comments and cases of bullying. By having uniforms, schools in the UK go some way into preventing children from being bullied over the kind of clothes they wear. (I am from the uk, therefore have worn a uniform in secondary school: age 12-16)


    As the article above suggests, in the US there is an increase of children being bullied because of the kinds of clothes they wear, as 'designers target kids' in advertising, these brands decide for children what to wear, and what not to wear. From my experience in school, my family couldn't afford the right clothes, so on days where we didn't have to wear uniform, I was embarrassed about what I wore, and worried that I wouldn't fit in. The divide in class in some ways can become irrelevant when an even ground is presented (in this case, school uniforms).

    In terms of creativity, there are many ways to be creative and express yourself outside of wearing expensive brands and covering yourself with makeup. I personally believe it is more important that people aren't judged because of what sort of brands they can afford. I am now in university and although I wear some brands myself, I do not see people subject to negative judgement based on their clothing or wealth, and that is a reflection of the maturity of the students who attend my university.

  • Overrated and Everyone Wants Their Own Clothes

    Clothes should reflect who you are in the inside. Fashion is practically an art form. People wear clothes they like and they can identify with. If you only wear uniforms you basically have no own personality. Not to mrntion uniforms I've seen in this country is uselessly ugly.

    It's overrated. It doesn't stop bullying. Bullies will find another thing to bully you about. As for inapropriate clothing, just actually enforce the dress code, then you can't say that uniforms forces kids to dress apropriately anymore.

  • Schools uniform don't have as many advantages as they say

    Our school said it would end bullying related to what people are wearing, now people get bullied for other things. Our school said it would cost less in clothes each years, did they forget the uniform is really expensive and also, we need clothes outside of school. Each night after school I have to change so that i don't mess up my ugly beige uniform and on the weekend it's the same, I need normal clothes. Finally, i'm pretty alot of school are just totally corrupted about uniforms and give contracts to just a few specific uniform companies, most of the time, the most expensive.

  • I DON'T think we should.

    We should be able to express ourselves and my mom loves to get me fun shirts for school and NO ONE tells ME I can't wear a sweatshirt. I love to be able to wear my own clothes, and tell me ONE WAY that I can wear the same school uniform everyday and NOT LOSE MY MIND by seeing the same color on everyone in whatever room I walk into!

  • They are too complicated

    It will make students aggravated with trying to get their uniforms on every single day. They will blend in with the rest of the school and no teacher can tell which student is which. They will hate school for the rest of their life just because of that. H k

  • Kid wear what they want

    Kids should be able to express them selves by the way they act and look, that includes what they wear. Also depending on the material the kid(s) could be allergic to the material. In conclusion kids shouldn't have to wear uniforms in school, instead they should be able to express them selves.

  • School uniforms are overrated.

    Uniforms arent a school's priority, education is. Is it really necessary to have a specific colour of socks, hair tied up at all times, no makeup or nail polish or else they'll send you to your co-ordinators to remove it, etc? All this for the sake of a schools reputation?

    The school I attend doesn't provide a uniform, and if you think it's because they're "cheap" or they're a bad school, we have an entire science school built right next to ours for dedicated students who are interested in that field, only 100 students are accepted, and rank one of the highest-scoring state schools in Australia,and one of the highest performing non-selective state schools in Victoria (ranked 10th).

    Uniforms do represent and support the school, however if the school goes to the extent of going into specifics, clearly they don't have their priorities set straight.

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2014-03-22T13:00:04.723
'All' is a problem here, I believe. Nursery schools and universities probably shouldn't have uniforms. Kindergartens are probably a grey area (personally I had them in kindergarten) and primary and secondary schools should have them. Then there are exceptions like special needs schools.