• Yes i believe in dress codes

    Kids these days think they are old enough to rock huchi mama clothing. Yes i understand that with todays clothing line it might be hard and im not a fan of uniforms but it makes no sense for a 12 year old girl to walk around school with her boobs and butt out for the world to see.

  • Yes, dress codes will keep you somewhat safe, and do you really want a half-naked student in school?

    I get that people are saying no because there dress code is very strict, but are dress codes really that bad? I mean, at work buildings the dress code sometimes says: no sweatpants. They have that dress code because they want to look professional. So next time you want to wear some innapropriate outfit to school, remember that you will be working at a job in a few years, and then will you want to baisicly a bakini? Also, wearing hats in school is disrespectful, and you can hide things in hats such as drugs, weapons, electronics, ect.

  • I think schools should have a dress code

    It should because it can lower the bullying percentage down and kids wont get talked about or messed with because of their clothes.... I think it would also prevent girls from having ripped jeans or ripped shirts... Also the girls wont come to school with heels on or grown up things on...

  • Yes every school needs a dress code

    Schools need dress codes the same as any other public place needs a dress code. If you don't have a code students could show up with whatever they want. Too many students would wear indecent clothing that can take away from learning. No dress code would only lead to disaster.

  • Yes they should.

    I don't think the dress codes should be super strict, but there should be some code in place. Students shouldn't be allowed to wear shirts with cuss words or sexually explicit images. They should wear skirts up to their crotch, etc... I think those types of things should not be allowed in school.

  • They Probably All Do

    I believe all schools probably have some sort of dress code in place, already. Some dress codes may be simpler or less limiting then others, while some may implement uniforms. I think this has become necessary because students constantly feel the need to experiment and try new things. I also think this in necessary because students can't always clothe themselves appropriately.

  • Yes, professionalism is important.

    Yes, all schools should have dress clothes, because students should not have to deal with other students dressing in an offensive manner, or of not looking appropriate and ready to learn. Students also have one less thing to think about if there are rules for how they should dress. Students should dress professionally so they are ready to learn.

  • Students loose there creativity

    Kids theses days care about there appearance and when a dress codes comes in place they feel uncomfortable. They feel unexpected and warded they loose there creativity and individually .For example this girl i knew uesd to get reallymad cause she couldnt were what she wanted she freaked out and swicted schools

  • How about the opposite?

    Rather than all schools having dress codes, or some schools, how about no schools have dress codes? Dress codes and uniforms violate a person's inherent right to self-expression, and there's nothing about expressing yourself in an educational setting that somehow devalues schooling. If anything, it promotes the diversity and individualism that we should strive for as a society.

  • Public schools, no.

    This is a question that I think will continue to get tossed around for years to come; however, when it comes to public schools have a specific dress code, such as a uniform, I do not think that is necessary. Students in public schools should have more freedom when it comes to dressing.

  • Ummmmm, Heck no!

    No way! Schools are always telling us that we have the right to express ourselves and making us wear uniform is just contradicting yourself. And whatever happened to freedom of expression? Also, whats the point of making us go out and buy a whole new wardrobe that we can only wear at school? Bottom line, making us wear uniform is downright unfair and stupid.

  • Dress codes are unfair.

    Okay, Dress codes. First of all, In case you are wondering what a dress code is set of written and, More often, Unwritten rules with regard to clothing. So now that definition is drilled into your head, Here are why I think dress codes are unfair.

    1) Discrimination
    In the past few years, Dress codes have caused so much controversy and issues all over the United States. Why? Because the main factor of dress code is targeted at young adolescent/and or teen girls. Certain dress codes for women are normally: no tube tops. Crop tops, Holes within the jeans above knee (or in some cases, Absolutely none), Tank tops, Spaghetti straps, Strapless shirts, Skirts below knee length (if lucky enough), Shorts either fingertip length or below knee length. And don't even get me started on the unnecessary dress codes such as no collarbone or knee exposed, Hair must be "tamed" or pinned up, Bras MUST be worn, And certain colors such as no red, Or no dyed hair. It's bad enough having to stress about our health, Schoolwork, Keeping up with social life, Sports/after school activities, And then have to worry about having to buy certain clothes at certain lengths just so I could sit down in a chair and learn? Oh please! Not only is the dress code stupid, But it's just causing too many problems, Perpetuating rape culture and victim blaming, Saying that's it's the woman's fault based on her clothing decisions to end up getting raped. It is not only offensive to women but it is unfair to men. By portraying that viewpoint into the dress codes, It's basically saying that all men are pedophiles and rapists. Which sometimes just isn't the case. Yes, I do believe there a limit as to what should be worn in school. No one (including men) should be wearing provocative clothing or clothing that looks like I think the dress codes most middle and high schools are portraying now is complete idiocracy.

    Dress codes not only go by clothing status, But it also goes by hair, Specifically African American hair. There was just a story I read a few months ago, About two black girls who attended a Charter school and ended up being in detention multiple times because of their box braided hairstyle. The school claimed it was a "distraction" and it needed to be "removed". The saddest part about this is if they wore their hair natural, They would still be kicked out of school either way. Why? Because some (or most) schools apparently don't care for other cultures, Ethnicity, Or races. Schools need to learn to stop tripping and makeup their mind. Man, There are just people you can't please no matter what. Hair and clothing don't necessarily make you who you are, Your personality does.

  • Causes insecurity and also financial strains on certain families.

    Kids grow, Growing kids need ever changing clothe sizes they will want clothes they like that they feel expresses them or makes them look nice like any odd person this will cost parents alot of money over the years and is nearly a neccecisty. School clothes are required in most public school, Hindering a child or growing young adults expression and contentment with their appearance and in addition causing their parents to have to buy mulitpul full uniforms over the years, Sometimes more than once a year in a growth spurt and its not like these clothes have any kind of discount or are free even for students as its required it costs money in full just so schools can pocket the profit and use for additional "funding". I think uniform in schooling is just a ruse and should be abolished.

  • Every school should not have a dress code

    Some students are uncomfortable with a dress code. There are students in schools who love dressing up or being able to wear certain comfortable clothing with cuts and designs that fit their body build. If school dress codes prevent them from wearing these types of clothing, this might affect their performance in school. Children should be allowed to be in clothes they are comfortable with.
    School dress code policies can be sexist and discriminatory. Girls are often the ones who are put in bad light. They are the ones being restricted especially when it comes to the length of skirts and shorts or even the color of their hair and accessories they wear. On the other hand, boys do not get the same treatment except for the length of their hair or graphics on their shirts. Girls are the ones being blamed for distracting other students with the clothes they wear. This can be considered as labeling and controlling.
    Another disadvantage of having dress codes on what to wear in school is the authority of self-expression. With a required dress code in schools students might not be able to show their individualities. School dress codes are fine so long as students are given the right to speak their minds and be heard of their views. Before striking these policies, the students should be given the opportunity
    Dress code suspensions can take focus away from education, sometimes rules are not enforced uniformly, can hinder creative expression in students, can be costly, depending on how strict the code is.
    I feel dress codes turn us into these robots without the ability to express themselves in society and shuts out self expression, confidence and individually.. Suppressing creativity can suppress development and aid to being confused in identity.

    At Fresno pacific university says that in the last days of the summer saw students and parents shopping for school supplies and clothes from the list that had been given out by their schools.
    Parents spent precious dollars, being told that this investment would pay dividends in increased student learning even those the students there i didn't exactly agree with that.
    80 percent of girls and 62 percent of boys reported not liking the dress code and disagreeing with the fact that they had to wear uniforms.
    68 percent of parents did not believe with the fact that “the uniform policy improved overall academic performances” because it was a hassle and most families couldn't afford it financially even if they wanted to, it also made their children (the students) very upset.
    Suppressing creativity can suppress development and aid to being confused in identity.

  • Waste of space and material

    Because their is no point on having this extra peaces of clothing that is for school only not for any other places so what are going to do throw them away because their taking up space what the people making them those peaces of clothing are only being use once a year so the people who made it are just wasting their time


    The kids should be able to wear whatever they want.It is uncomfortable to have to wear a uniform,or jeans and a polo.I want my children to be able to wear free dress.Thank you for reading this.......Well this is my opion so yeah. Gtg ttyl. See yall next time bye everbody

  • Because why not

    Why do we even need a dress code is a question that all kids ask themselves. Having a dress code does not allow the students to show how unique they are and get to express themselves in different ways. With a dress code, you are forced to wear things that you probably don’t like wearing. We think that school dress codes are not necessary at all. Having a dress code does not improve attendance or help with scores on test and report cards. With school dress codes there is a higher risk of bullying. These are just some of the things about why we should not have school dress codes. What we are going to be talking about mostly in this debate is how school dress code is unreasonable and how it does not affect the way you work in school. We would also be telling you more information and reasons why we think schools SHOULD NOT have a dress code! School should understand that kids, when they get to middle school they are starting to understand their sense of style and that they should be able to get to know it. Also with dress code, it does not promote self-esteem, instead, it shows we should change and be shameful of our bodies. Finally, the schools don't buy our clothing, once they do, then maybe, just maybe then should we have a dress code, and as you know they can be really expensive. Also when you have dress codes students can loose their creativity

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