• But really, why?

    It would benefit students in many ways. It helps them get better grades and teaches them how to read music. Music programs could inspire a child to become a musician and help them learn new songs. Art can inspire new artistic talents. Yes, we do need these extra classes, right?

  • Schools Have No Reason Not To

    Schools spend several times the amount of funding on sports or drama than music. Schools also would have happier students, as they could have something to look forward to besides a long, boring period of lectures or worksheets. Yes, some less popular schools don't have proper funding for anything, but that's probably not there fault, as less students means less money.

  • They Definitely Should have Music and Art Programs in all Schools

    Being in music and art programs, it feels like i have made a family with everyone there. Children become more emotionally and socially developed. Also, students in these programs perform a lot better in school. A study in 2007 by Christopher Johnson at the University of Kansas revealed that students in music education programs scored 22% higher in English and 20% higher in math scores on standardized tests. Because kids have to think creatively and solve problems to play the music, the thinking patterns spill over into other school subjects, resulting in better understanding and grades. (from 3 different sources)

  • Yes they should

    They should have art and music programs, studies have shown that with music programs help raise your IQ you read better by looking at the written music and learning how to read and to read the tiny writing below the music on the sheet of written music the teacher hands out.

  • Yes they should

    They should have art and music programs, studies have shown that with music programs help raise your IQ you read better by looking at the written music and learning how to read and to read the tiny writing below the music on the sheet of written music the teacher gives them.

  • Art and music can help students learn more

    I i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i i think music and art are super duper cool

  • Yes, for a different reason

    Many people keep saying yes because it makes you smarter, etc. The real reason we need music programs is because many of today's professional musicians started in school bands or orchestras. There will be no next generation of great musicians to fill the spots in major orchestras like the new york phil or the chicago symphony if there are no music programs.

  • Why wouldn't schools want music and art programs?

    Along with giving students the chance to express themselves, music and art helps the brain with other academic aspects of school. Studies have shown that students that have participated in music programs have great hand-eye coordination and a higher IQ. I can't believe that schools are cutting these programs. Even at my middle school the were thinking of cutting music. Along with ruining your schools over all academic performance, you are also ruining some kids life.

  • Express what they feel

    They can show how they feel over the art and singing. If you take away the only opportunity they have to how what they feel..Then your so called good school will go away also some students don't just Wanda learn and do homework all the time they also want some fun .. Knowing that their school is not suckish and believe what other think about their school...Your school may have the most high GPAs but it will also win an award of the MOST boring school in the universe..Now that is a school I or none will like to go to.

  • Schools should have an arts program.

    There are so many studies out there, that show that music can literally save someone's life. Music and art can enhance learning, through listening skills, more specifically in music. It is shown that, being a part of art and music, can increase your IQ! One experiment was done, where, one group of 6 year olds were given music and voice lessons for a year, and their IQ was increased. Another group, was given drama lessons, and their social behavior, increased drastically. It is heartbreaking to me, to know that more than 80 percent, of schools, have cut arts programs, when there are so many benefits.

  • Terrible in every way possible.

    Art programs have shown an improvement in grades for other classes, But it's terrible at everything else. Instead of art programs, How about computer programming? Learning to program could be another way for express yourself via websites while being a skill that can be used for other reasons. Art programs boost grades, But the boost could probably be bigger with replacing them with more Math/ELA classes instead. That time an art class takes could also be replaced by a break time instead. Art can relax a person, But freedom to doing anything is even better. Art classes oppress creativity due to the fact that their classes. Artists today make money using their own designs while children in art classes copy the design of a famous artist. Some may argue that this a graded class like this could boost a low grade, But instead of hiding your bad grade in Math/ELA, The education system should instead fix their mistake instead of covering it up. Art in art classes are judged by an art teacher when art is subjective which is ridiculous and not fair to the student who's art being judged. In short, Art classes are a failure in every way.

  • The government should not fund to music programs.

    The government and schools should fund less to music programs because, then it might, probably will, affect the funded money for math, ELA, science, P.E., computers, etc.. Even though music is evenly important, it should not be the cause of less education from the other subjects. That is why I think the government should fund more to music programs.

  • No way NOT necessary

    Music and are a waste of time for students and the subject was only made to create jobs for music teachers and studies show that music and art DO NOT help a student in school.Also,some kids do not like drama so why are schools doing this it is so weird so why

  • No they shouldn't

    Music and art programs just waste parent's and school's money on instruments or supplies, also most jobs don't require a skill in the music or art department unless it is a specific job. Also, most students are forced to be in one of these programs when some of them don't even want to.

  • No. We should not have Music and Arts in schools.

    We should dedicate that time to subjects we can actually learn something in, like Math, Science, ect. Who wants to learn about some dead dude who cut off his ear i Art or sing some random song in Music? We also should dedicate some of the time to lunch and recess. At our school we get about 15 min. Of recess. That is 5 min. Under the state minimum.

  • What if you had no interest in the arts?

    Not all schools should have art and music programs. There should definitely be SOME, but again, not all. Some schools should be focused only on math and science, while others are focused on literature, art, and music. In my school years, I feel as though I did benefit from the music programs, but not the art ones. I sometimes wish classes such as art and communication arts were never taught, but that's just me.

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