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  • Kid should have gym every day

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  • It would be a good idea

    It would be a good idea because when it rains students could continue with their P.E. Activities. Another reason would be that scientist have proven it helps students to think and learn more clearly. Last but not least it would be a fun social activities for students to do after school.

  • Its smart and good.

    You need it to help get kids in shape and let them get off devices and play around more and really bond with each other. They could learn about sports in other nations near and far. Which could help them in other periods helping them be smarter and really buff up the kids.

  • My class should have gym.

    Our school has gym but my class does not get to take it as a class this year so im debating about it all fat kids can get thinner kids can play ball and when all classes play it will be fair to every other student.Hopefully mayor bloom berg will take this into consideration and also my principal.

  • Yes gym is an important part of life

    All schools should have gym class. Gym class serves a lot of positive goals in school. It can teach team work and unity. It gives students a chance to get out and exercise and take their minds off of work for the day. Gym is a great part of a school day.

  • A good idea gone bad

    Gym is a wonderful idea: kids getting exercise, running around, etc. As others have pointed out, many kids are overweight, and this also means that they cannot do as much as they would otherwise. So many kids get hurt. Gym is too strict and next to no leniency is given to students with asthma. Many teachers expect every students to be the star athletes and sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not reality. Also, it's for a grade; kids are graded on their bodies. Kids are overweight, scrawny, have asthma. These among other things mean they will not do as well as others. These kids are sick and exhausted the rest of the day and have trouble paying attention in the subjects that actually teach them anything.

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