Should all schools provide students with music and art education?

  • Helps students express themselves

    They are able to be creative in their own way. Not all students are able to do sports, either they have an injury or are just not able to participate because of their parents work or they don't want them to. Students can express themselves in other ways than in sports. May be able to let energy out if they needed to. Music can make students use their brain more using hand-eye coordination. Sometimes you might get a break with their school curriculum.

  • Art Clubs are good for kids

    Art clubs help kids express themselves in way in ways they cannot without things like a pencil or music. If kid can't express themselves they could become depressed and horrible things could happen to them and the people that are close to them. Also kids need to make friends with the same interests as them, and joining art clubs that they are interested in they will meet others with those same interests.

  • It's a waste of time

    Because music is boring and it's a waste of time and energy. So we should not have music class. Music needs to be gone because we need more time for other classes. Music class takes a way time for other classes like math. I don't think it is important to school and collages.

  • Yes they should be allowed

    The arts help students learn more faster, and it helps children have more focus. And if students are not good, at sports and things like that, they could be good at that. Students can make more friends, by doing the arts in school. The arts also help students express themselves.

  • It helps succeed in high school

    If you take art or music it allows the brain to adapt. By that I mean it physically helps you, it also gives you an opportunity to create beautiful things. Scientists have proved it helps have higher standardized test scores in Math and in English. People who also stay in art or music are more likely not to drop out as well. All in all fine arts is an amazing thing and should be apart of everyone's life.

  • Music and Art should be provided in all schools!

    I believe that the activities music, and art should be provided in all schools because it allows kids to express their ideas! I think that is something that all kids should get an opportunity to do. These programs can also help children realize a talent that they didn't even know that thew had!

  • It helps students and can be enjoyable

    It helps excel the brains and test scores of all students. Studies so that students did better with all year round music lesson. It teaches kids how to expand their skills. Younger children have faster language development (ages 2-9). It increases IQ and makes the brain work harder. It is also and has never been a waste of time.

  • It is needed

    Being able to have music and art in school life is very important for kids and needs to be enforced. It is a phenomenal way to express who they are and what they can do, especially if they don't participate in sports or any other extra-carricular activities. It is needed.

  • They should provide it because it is proven to help kids learn in other subjects.

    Art helps kids sit back, let go, and let their imagination fly. That can lead to kids pay more attention, and not be disruptive because they have built up all this tired feeling, and needs to let it go, and art class is a good place for it. Art class is very interesting and it is important that at some point in the day, kids are excited to do something.

  • Music should stay!!!!!!

    Kids that participate in music programs get higher on test scores.
    Music makes kids smarter. When you play an instrument you have to memorize the note names and fingerings. Music also lets kids express themselves when they're sad, depressed, angry or stressed. You can't express yourself in math or English. Music is one of the only fun ways to learn and have fun. Once you learn music, it stays with you so if schools stayed with music, kids would get smarter and happier

  • No, music and art education should not be provided at schools

    Music and art can sometimes get in the way of students educations. When the chorus club is singing at the local mall but the student has a 5 page essay due the next day! Students should focus on their classes that they are required to take and pass. I don't think schools should provide music and art education

  • It has no benefit.

    Art and music class contribute nothing to the well being of the student. They are a drain on the economy, they cost far too much to run and what do they get us? They give us a generation of kids who are banking on a music career when they should be counting on a career that actually pays with money and not weed.

  • Music is useless it's not something that u will need in real life

    What you mean they need To learn a musical instrument to count how much does there bill cost. Also they need to sight read to learn the planets. This really ridiculous wrong. Learning piano notes to learn the alphabet. What the heck. This is so wrong a a a a a

  • It should not be mandatory

    I think that art and music shouldn't be mandatory because what if people don't want, cant, or like doing art and music. IIIIII III II I II I II II II II II I I II II II III I III I II I III III II III III III

  • The idea is absurd!

    There is no reason children should be forced to take these classes and suffer through something that is supposed to be fun! When are they ever going to use there classes after they graduate. There can only be but so many musicians and artists in the workforce before they too become overcrowded. Students need to go into things that change lives.

  • We Should Provide Our Youth with Value

    I am of the opinion that art and music, which I don't know anyone who ever failed either class, are a waste of time. If we are going to teach an Art or Music class, shouldn't the grades be fair and the children who aren't skilled at these fields be given poor grades? I believe that our children would greatly benefit from the cutting of such programs as classes. However, I think it would be good for these activities to be provided as an after school extra curricular activity similar to an athletic activity. I think that the addition of foreign languages or legitimate computer programming classes at a young age would help provide our children with more value in the future. In European countries children begin learning their first foreign language at the age of 8 or 9. According to Europa website 58% of students learn 2 OR MORE languages. In a rapidly expanding global economy these children are being provided a basis with which to become more competitive in achieving employment, and better employment. The teaching of art and music is much less appealing to future employers than second languages.Governments across the world are already looking into teaching children how to code in elementary school. Currently some of the most rapidly growing companies are mainly based in computer sciences, and it is one of the fastest growing fields. Teaching children to program will be much more beneficial in the long run than having art and music classes.

  • If you said no, than yours is stupids

    It is awesome music and art is. If you don't like it than you have problems. Music and art is a way that a lot of people express themselves. It helps them tell who they are in a different form. Music and art is beautiful. All of the best artists did art or music or both and look at how they ended up. Art and music are the best things in my life.

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  • Waste of time

    It waste our time and we are back in studies .Instead of this if we learn gk it will helpful in our whole life.We can go in kbc and there we will get money and it would be helpful in whole life .So we pay our attention on studies not in this

  • Waste of tome and money

    Not every body wants to learn music and art I think art is boring so do many others not everybody is talented like Leo Decapiro or Carrie Underwood we do not have a good hand or voice maybe we have arthritis or maybe a broken hand we all have excuses some better then others but you are gonna get a 0 if you cant talk or if you cant draw because of our exuses dont feel bad to use them just know not everybody likes music and art

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