Should all schools provide their students laptops?

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  • Not helping people

    Somehow I feel as if most of the comments on the YES side of this argument are not doing anything to help the decision..But remember..THAT'S JUST A THEORY!!! A DEBATE THEORY!! THANKS FOR READING!

    (And yes I really did just say that I mean it is the internet after all)

  • Definitely, it will help them.

    Yes, schools should definitely provide their students with laptops. Computers give kids exceptional organizational skills, and kids with OCD won't have a problem. You won't have to worry as much about things spilling out of your backpack. My school already has a lot of laptops, supposedly enough for every student, so it would not cost too much to support them. Computers are going to be a large part of student's future life, so why not incorporate it sooner than later?

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  • Yes my own computer

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  • Because i want my own computer

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  • Kids can have an easier and more fun way of learning

    Better education for kids s p o r t s a r e a m a z i n g a n d i a m a m a z i n g ! ! ! ! ! ! Go S J S H A R K S ! !

  • Good Idea Because of education

    If schools were to supply laptops to students it would be a great idea because it makes things easier and more fun. With the software, apps and websites avalible it will increase the education and help them learn. Currently the schools are doing BYOT,BOYD and making parents pay for laptops. Some of these aren't up to the standards of what is required. If the school supplied laptops they would be up to date and have everything required for their schooling.

  • So many reasons against this...

    Full disclosure: No, I have never had to sit there in a classroom when a teacher asks if anyone wouldn't be able to type a certain assignment and raise my hand. I have two computers at home. Now that being said...

    1) Cost. Sure the schools can provide cheap laptops for their students, but they would have numerous technological problems that could cause unneeded stress, because now teachers can require assignments to be typed, and suddenly you don't have a computer to use. Also, if a school becomes a laptop friendly environment then you'll have the rich kids brining their fancy MacBooks to class and it is now especially apparent who has money and who needs to use the crappy school computers.
    2) Libraries. Ever heard of one? Just go there and do your work. Chances are the school has one with a computer that a student can use.
    3) "Students can now take notes on their computer." Just stop. It's been proven that everybody retains information for longer periods of time when they have to physically write something out as opposed to just press little keys on a keyboard that matches the letter that they want to appear on the magical screen of wonder.
    4) "Increase pleasure..." Excuse me, but if you were a superintendent I'm afraid of what kind of school district you would be running. None of this would be acceptable behavior, and you could say that high school is making it easier for students to access this... What a pleasure *she said sarcastically.

    Alternative to schools giving their students laptops (this is what my high school does and it works quite well): Have a lot of about 60 laptops (my school has about 2,500 kids, so you can see how much more cost affective this would be, and it's always plenty of laptops) that teachers can check out for their class. The teacher would get the laptops at the beginning of the class and return them to the media department when they are finished. If an assignment is needed to be typed then use class time and these laptops. By not warning your students ahead of time that you will be using these laptops then the students will not bring their own (and even if they do, a kid who doesn't have a computer at home could do the old "oh well I didn't know we would be using them today"...) And as far as keeping documents so you can access them at a later date to edit an assignment, these new cloud inventions are a wonderful thing. Even using (free!!) google email accounts where you can use google docs and you can access a document from any computer is a good solutions!!

    Sorry, kind of a rant but sometimes I get all fired up about things!!

  • No, they should not.

    It would be a great idea in many ways to give students laptops, but again with many other things people seem to believe money comes out of magical trees. We are 17 TRILLION dollars in debt and we can not afford to be spending our money on computers for kids.

  • Just got some,

    In theory the concept of everyone having equal assess to the modern world sounds great. However I am fortunate enough to live in a community that’s fairly well off, Many of the students won’t take good care of the laptops and cost the school large amounts of money. A large portion of the students will simply purchase new laptops now that it’s essential to have one in class. Very few people in my class will benefit, From cheap laptops because many of the students have ample money to gain technology them self’s.

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  • School Laptop Problems

    I have had a laptop given to me by the school for work and projects. The laptop was very cheap, students would always play games on them during class, and the laptop broke very easily. The laptops were too much of a distraction to students and staring at the screen too long could be bad. The students like the laptops though because they could play games on them during class.

  • Edison,NJ board of education

    I am so upset to see my child behavior since school gave her laptop with open access to go on YouTube and watch anything. My son who never had and did good performance but my daughter career has destroyed. Please raise voice on this issue. Thanks for reading this message.

  • They wont pay any attention in the class room...

    With children not paying attention to what is going on in class BECAUSE they have a laptop with them. They will more than likely go off topic and browse the internet, they will remember stuff if they actually write it done on paper. Some schools also lack of money and honestly cant afford them for every student...

  • Kids will abuse district technology

    At my school, kids regularly through their school-provided laptop against the wall, abuse them and they're rarely ever actually used for school work. I think that students that are in higher classes (ib, accelerated, honors) should either bring their own devices (as I do, I don't use my school iPad) or maybe classrooms should have their own computer carts, but giving a student an iPad that isn't really theirs will cause abuse, expansive repairs and because there is a right to education the school pays that. However giving every student an iPad or chrome book is pathetic because it's going to get destroyed, or just used for madden mobile

  • Bad, bad, bad idea.

    My sister's kids were all given laptops and this has been one of the worst weeks of her life.

    First off, she's a single mom of five kids. Yes, five. She also works part-time at the Dollar atree as her only source of income . She has no internet and has to shuttle three of her kids around everyday to find free internet for them to us. One laptop has been brocken already. She now has to pay $345.87.

    Laptops in the hands of teens and preteens... Bad, bad idea. Laptops given to low-income families? Even worse.

  • Students will take lots of "notes".

    Even adults wander online when they are supposed to be taking notes....... Giving students computers may increase their grades and attentiveness in class, but there have been far too many failed experiments, where schools were forced to toss computers that they bought for their students. The initial cost for buying computers for every single student is already high, and to make things worse, students "accidentally" break their computers everyday, and abuse the free repair system in schools. In New Jersey, there was a school that had half a dozen kids ask for repairs everyday. Whats more, students don't really know where to draw the line in terms of what websites you can visit. Sure, you can install things like NetNanny to control the kids, but there are so many forums you can find online to learn how to bypass them, and on top of that, things like NetNanny and Virus protectors can easily wear down a cheap computer, and buying student better ones won't help a thing since students will keep breaking them a on daily basis, costing the school even more money.

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