Should all scientific information be freely available?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Scientific Information Needs to Be Free

    Without a doubt, scientific knowledge and information should be free. It should be accessible by anyone at any time. Certain information, including dangerous information that could be misused, should remain secret, though, for obvious reasons. A lot of information is held by companies looking to make a profit, but this information should be released.

  • Yes as information should be free!

    With free information there comes scientific growth and economic growth. This is due to people not researching what has been already researched. Thus this leads to better technology and a greater variety of science being achieved. This would also show the next generation of humans that science is a good thing and we could guide the next generation of scientists into the great field.

  • It will promote more rapid growth and more opportunities

    Much scientific information is limited to subscribers or even to certain members of institutions. If this information were freed and anyone who wanted to was allowed to read it then this would increase the chances of scientific advancement. To do otherwise is to hold back mankind's progress for the sake of money and the prestige of certain organizations.

    Intellectual property should not be allowed to hold back the progress of mankind.

  • Can be in wrong hands

    Currently, the society is advancing at a great scale and the fact that it is making progress. We see that there are more hackers and people who can access dangerous weapons faster than ever. We see that if science is shared to the public. Sometimes it can be terrifying and be used by terrorists

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