Should all sex offenders get a immediate death penalty which give many benefits to the good people?

  • Description is here below.

    There are benefits that can improve greatly. Saves billions of tax dollars. All good people including will be safer. Homes, Jobs and opportunities that monsters we're evicted and prosecuted from are vacant for those that deserve better and have a future. It's the greatest and best therapy and medicine that all human beings needs to restore the most of their well being they can. It will righteously strike fear on potentially criminal minded that deters them from crime. Promotes respect and dignities. America can finally restart their trust within the nation. It's lowers traffic in everything. Overpopulation will decrease at least. It gives a nation a fresh start and it can be refreshing.
    Https://en. M. Wikipedia. Org/wiki/Retributive_justice

  • I hate those type felons.

    I am liberal. However I do support death penalty ( firing squad ) for 4 or more murders and fuck offenders only. However these should have chance of getting all their disgusting genitals removed humanely ( by qualified surgeon and with painkillers ) and living lifetime in prison without chance of parole instead of firing squad execution.

  • Half half to be honest.

    Not death but just jail.
    Because they did some thing wrong they should pay the price. The could make some one feel unsafe just jail for 4 months and not death but every one should understand that the person might hurt the victim again and must be taught a lesson and stay in jail for 4 months

  • The death penalty should be completely outlawed in America.

    I'm going to disagree from two points of view on this one. The first is that I'm personally completely opposed to the death penalty under all circumstances. Also, If we don't even sentence some killers to death, Why are we going to sentence sex offenders to death? Additionally, The term sex offender is a very very generic term. It could range from someone accidentally or purposely exposing them self in front of a group of kids to rape. My second point kind of piggybacks off of that. If you have someone that exposed them self, Do you really think that person should be put to death? Also, Not every case of sexual assault is accurate. There are people falsely accused and the evidence eventually clears them. Do you really want to put someone to death only to find out later on that they were innocent? (this has already happened, Not with a sex offender but with a falsely convicted murder suspect who was put to death but cleared afterwards)

  • Right to Life

    Every human being deserves the right to life. It does not matter their heinous nature—they remain at least human.
    Of course there are circumstances where killing another human may be justified, But they are usually justified by: war; immediacy (such as self-defence); and sympathy (such as mercy killing/euthanasia). Never will it be appropriate to justify it as revenge. Never should it be used as a symbol of protection, For we have better alternative means (incarnation, Education, Etc).

  • Death is something that should never be a penalty

    Putting the sexoffender discussion aside.
    Nothing should be punished with death. We can not install an institution in our society that allows and supports the elimination of human life. It deeply hurts the pride of any human life.
    Death is irrevertable and a primitive means of punishment. Modern society should not have this kind of handling with humans

  • No they should not

    R Kelly is innocent, He did nothing wrong and y'all should be ashamed of yourselves. My man just wanted some booty but he couldn't get any so he took matters into his own hands. Just forgive this man and the holy father Jah will shine his light down apon you. I rest my case

  • Not right dude

    So you are saying if you on accidentally touched someone you should die because they were an asshole and claimed it as sexual offense. A lost life if that were true. Someone was an asshole and told you have no life now. Could be your wife or boyfriend/girlfriend, Sister, Brother, Ex any one. They would die because someone was an asshole. That is just not right dude

  • It's never right.

    The death penalty is never right in my opinion. I believe it would cause more harm than good especially to the family of this person. There is also the chance that the victim is lying. Once someone is dead then you can't bring them back, You can't fix anything. Sex offender might be something as small as touching someone's leg or as bad as rape but neither should get the death penalty.

  • It will serve as an obstruction to justice rather than a pillar for it.

    An 'immediate' death penalty is outright ridiculous. That'll take away the importance of the court of appeals in due process. If someone is sentenced immediately to death for sex offenses and evidence emerges months afterwards in the offender's defense, The entire judicial system will be seen as corrupt. And this is an extremely big possibility for cases of sexual assault. Because evidence is often lacking or inconclusive and people who have been falsely convicted were cleared of their charges years afterwards.

  • No one deserves death

    I am adamantly against the death penalty in all circumstances. The united state's penal system is completely fubar and prefers to punish instead of rehabilitate. I firmly believe that no one is beyond redemption and thateveryone should be given the chance to prove that they can change. Unfortunately all sex offender are more likely to become victims themselves than they are to ever atone and live a normal life. Society works best when everyone can add something positive to it and killing/imprisoning people doesn't allow for this to

  • Death penalty is quite harsh

    "A sex offender is a person who is convicted of a sexual offence" (1. )
    From viewing the "the Sexual offence Act 2003" (2. ) we can conclude that intentionally touching(groping) someone's leg without their consent is considered a sexual offence. Therefore, The doer is considered a sexual offender.

    Are you stating that a person who touched another's leg should be dealt with death?

    Also, When it comes to 2019, Me surprise tickling my friend for fun can be considered a sexual assault. (my friend has to be an asshole but still. . ) Should I die for that?

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    2. Https : // www. Theguardian. Com/lifeandstyle/2017/jan/13/its-not-groping-or-fondling-it-is-sexual-assault

    (note: spaces may be made when copy pasting these links. Debate. Org don't like links)

    Posted by: Shav

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