Should all state employees be subject to random drug testing?

  • Random Drug Testing Needs to be Mandated

    Without a doubt, state employees no matter their position should be subject to random drug testing. Such testing ensures that all state-employed individuals are living acceptable lifestyles and performing their duties without any sort of intoxication. The last thing a state agency needs is employees coming to work drunk, high, or worse.

  • Anyone on the Government payroll should be subjected to random drug testing

    I work hard and pay a lot of taxes for public services. Public benefits are way better than mine and my benefits are not backed by tax payer money. I help pay salaries for state employees and I want clean and sober people providing my sevices. It is bad enough I see many state workers providing no benefit to the public, but corrupt unions fight to keep jobs of the lazy.

  • ABSOLUTELY they should.

    All state employees are being paid by our tax dollars and we need to make sure that our money is going to good use. Republicans are slashing money to education and other departments that help the poor when they should instead be putting up a stance against abuse by the people in question.

  • Should Workplace Drug Testing Be Allowed?

    It needs to happen now in all work places, private, state and Federal. And, all kids in grade and high school need to be tested quarterly, using hair tests.
    Workplace drug testing encourages greater responsibility among workers who may cause harm to themselves or others by working under the influence. Would you feel comfortable knowing that any of the following professionals were working under the influence of alcohol or other drugs?
    The surgeon operating on you, your parent or your child?
    The bus or train driver, driving your child to school?
    The truck driver tailgating you on the highway?
    The airline pilot in control of your flight?
    The person building your house?
    The midwife delivering your baby?
    Workplace drug testing can help identify employees in need of help with their substance use. Because people with addictions are often highly secretive and deceitful, drug testing circumvents the need for honest self-reporting, which is highly unreliable when people have a lot to lose -- in this case, potentially, both their livelihood and their reputation.
    Of course there are cons, but they do not outweigh the benefits of mandatory drug testing.

  • What You Do Privately On Your Own Time Is Your Own Business

    If they appear high at work then a for-cause drug test should be allowed, but we don't want to encourage a world where employers get to police everything we do off work. People should be able to have their own lives that are not any business of their employers as long as it doesn't happen during work.

  • They should not be subject to random drug testing.

    No, I don't think that all state employees should be subject to random drug testing. If the person has a history of drug abuse, then absolutely, give them random drug tests. However, if the majority of them are people who do not have any known history of drugs, then I think that random drug tests are very much uncalled for.

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