• yes they should

    Yes, I do think that it would be a really good idea if all of the states of the world would just swap over to democracy, so that all of the people there would be treated fair and get a big say in what happens in the government they are run by.

  • Yes, all states should implement democracy.

    Unless you mean states as in other nations, then yes, all states in America should implement democracy. The thing is, they all already do. Now, if we're talking about countries, then yes, all nations on Earth should implement democracy. I think the citizens should always have a say when it comes to the government.

  • Yes, I think all States should give in and implement democracy.

    I believe a Democratic form of Government has proven itself to be superior to any other style of Government that we have seen so far in history, Democracy has proven itself to be long lasting and to give the individual significant freedom and high quality of life while other forms of Government usually end up failing and oppressing their citizens.

  • One government does not fit all

    The idea of democracy was new and seems superior at the moment but so did many others throughout the years. Governments have changed throughout the years and we may find one that is better than what we have now. To accomplish this countries need room to change and beloved, every government falls at sometime

  • Let every culture define itself

    Democracy may be a great form of government, or it may be a terrible one. History has seen Democratic nations both rise triumphantly and fall extravagantly. The truth is, if there is an ideal form of government, we as a people have not found it yet. If a nation finds a method of government that works for it, let it use it. Democracy is not right for everyone.

  • All States Government

    I personally think that term limits in the United States apply to many offices at both the federal and state level, and date back to the American Revolution. Political commentators have deemed term limits to be essential to create a proper republican democracy, helping to thwart potential tyranny by ensuring that leaders are held accountable to the people and also change periodica.

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