• Kids should be bilingual

    Kids should be bilingual because its great for your brain. Studies show that kids memory get better when they're bilingual. Another reason why is because kids could get more of an idea of diversity and be more open-minded. Monolingual people are usually less smart than bilingual people. Learning another language gives you more opportunities for jobs or going on a trip you'll be able to speak the language of the place you go to. For all these reasons I believe that kids and adults should be bilingual.

  • It Help Education

    Students who learn and can speak a second language appear more smarter and will be more successful. People who says it sucks just are jealous that they aren't bilingual. I can speak French and English. Et je suis aussi un eleve a l'ecole. Je n'aime pas quand des personnes dit que la bilingualism est mal parce que il n'est pas tres gentile.

  • It helps thinking.....

    While some on the no side seem afraid America or any other country for that matter would suffer from an identity crisis, I believe it is the oppsite. If you speak more than one language it helps you think outside the box and have more value for your own country. It doesn´t mean giving up yout nationality or identity but rather expanding your personal cultivation. Ofteh People who live abroad or learn more languagaes reflect and understadnn theit own Nation better, which sometimes makes them even more patriotic becuase they understand how rich and worth while their own c ountry and culture is.

  • I am neutral..

    I feel as if it would be amazing for students to learn more than one language, however, I feel as if it is important for students to know English. As a teacher in school, I see students everyday who don't know English that well and they have been speaking it there entire life. But on the opposition, learning more than one language opens up a new world of possibilities (not like not knowing another language doesn't either) but better job opportunities, traveling with ease, etc. But why put so much pressure on students? Ugh, this debate is a mess...

  • Time To Step Up

    I believe now is a good time to transition to bilingual classrooms. I believe English should remain our prime language, but I think we should all learn Spanish as well. With so many people in America speaking Spanish, I think we would look to benefit from all people knowing both languages, and fluently.

  • Por Supuesto debemos aprender la lengua

    In today's society, it is very essential to learn and possibly master a second or third language. With all the media we have at hand, we can easily get in contact with someone from a different country. Many businesses go global and it is essential to learn some of the language for the country so business transactions go well. Also, being bilingual or trilingual makes a resumé look a lot better. Language is everything today. It's not like English was the only language in the USA. When cavemen were around, they had a weird way communicating (grunting) but soon developed languages so they could talk and do things more easily. So, our cavemen ancestors were the first bilingual people in a way.

  • Not Necessary? Very Necessary!

    es a foreign language is a difficult concept, but that is no reason to give up! By learning a language you broaden your own personal horizons. Not only are you able to speak to people coming into your country, but you are able to go to foreign countries and speak to people in their own language. Shockingly enough, America is not the only country in the entire world. In fact, English is not the only language either. Its not even the most widely spoken. That prize goes to mandarin instead 75% of the world population don't speak a word of it. Not just this, but learning a language increases a huge amount of skills such as memory and concentration.

  • Biligual is a Benifit

    All students should be bilingual. They should know how to communicate with people who they may not otherwise be able to. There is so much to learn in our time here and learning another language expands what one is capable of and makes them more well rounded as a whole. It would be a great help.

  • Hell No!

    This is America. Schools and everyone else need to learn ENGLISH. And only ENGLISH. It sickens me to think that there are idoits out there that want to change us and that we have to cater to everones elses language just because some idoits crawl under a fence and come to America.

  • Not Necessary

    No, all students should not be bilingual. Not everyone is capable of learning a second language well enough to speak it fluently. A foreign language is a very difficult concept for some people. At one time it was necessary to learn a second language. Now days, English is becoming the common language and many people throughout the world are learning to speak it.

  • Why put more pressure on the students?

    Why should the students take more classes to accommodate to non speaking English people who come to america ? And also become more stressed to pass the class. I feel if you come here then you should be the one to take more classes to learn our language not the other way around.

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