Should all students be forced to study agriculture?

  • Agricultural is very important.

    Agriculture is important because students should know the basics of agriculture. Agriculture is not just cows or hay. Its apart of our everyday lives. The clothes we wear, the food we eat, how we get to school; its all apart of agriculture and some kids dont know that or have the chance too.

  • Understanding from where food comes is essential to resolving the impending global food crisis.

    When students do not understand from where their food comes, they take it for granted. The population of the world is growing at a very fast rate and the earth is facing a global food supply shortage within a few decades. Knowing how food is farmed can help resolve some of the issues that the world's population is facing.

  • Agriculture is Important!

    Everyone is involved in agriculture in a way, even if they don't know it. Students should know the basics about agriculture. It is way more than sows, cows and plows. It is in your daily life. There are hundreds of careers in agriculture and it is a huge industry. It should be taught in all schools. Someone who may not have grown up on a farm can learn about it and fall in love with the industry. A lot of people find their place in agriculture.

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