Should all students be required to wear uniforms?

  • Yes,all students should be required to wear uniforms.

    Yes,all students should be required to wear uniforms.It would have very favorable consequences.Clothing would be cheaper for parents and students could focus on their studies instead of their clothing and students could show their school spirit which they not otherwise be able to do if they wore regular ordinary clothes.

  • All students should be required to wear uniforms.

    Uniforms are good for students because it takes away distractions. Students shouldn't have to worry about what their clothes say about them or what kind of a statement they are making by choosing to wear one thing as opposed to another. Also, it makes everyone more equal, because some students can't afford expensive clothes.

  • NO, people need to express their artistic style.

    Wearing uniforms can be uncomfortable and very expensive, especially because the kids grow. That means the school would have to keep buying them. Also people need to show their individuality to the world. Wearing a uniform shows that everyone is equal, but no everyone is different. No matter what they wear.

  • Too much uncomfortableness

    Students should feel free to express themselves. Without letting these kids freely express themselves, they won't be able to gain self-conciousness or courage. Also, while everyone wearing pretty much the same thing, school can get dull most of the time. With all of this, some kids might have trouble paying attention in class.

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