Should all students have art and music education in schools?

  • Art and music education feeds the young mind.

    The student becomes more well-rounded, intelligent, and has more information to apply to life's events. By having more youth appreciate the arts, they will be able to understand how and why some other natural phenomena work (connect Pythagoras to scales and steps, from ballet to the Basques, marching band to trigonometry)

  • Yes, we need well rounded students.

    Every young person needs to be exposed to disciplines like math, science, and literature. But to be well rounded, they also need to know how people have expressed themselves creatively throughout the ages. So there needs to be art and music education in school both for appreciation and to learn something about how to create it.

  • Yes yes yes

    Schools should have these activities because some kids are artistic and some love love love music. And it actually helps you get smarter. The music part. Your brain develops and you get more knowledge at these things. I don't know who would say no to this debate because this is a total yes!

  • Yes, it's important.

    Art and music are important for students to have available because it allows them to express their creativity in ways that other classes don't allow for. Art and music are very important in the development of societies and kids should learn it's history and learn how to enjoy making it themselves.

  • To know and to dream

    Some kids don't know the opportunities that exist. They and perhaps their parents may view art as something that is not tangible as a career.

    Classes in these creative fields should be given to inform kids that they CAN become an artist (entertainment design, game/animation, etc.) or a musician in music's case.

    We mandate things like history and the more academic subjects, but the creative subjects need some love

  • Only as an option

    I know i might not be the best-placed to talk about these classes, as i outright hated them, but I can't deny how useful they can sometimes be. However, unlike things like maths, physics and litterature, they are not unvaluable subjects you can't afford to pass on. I would suggest it as an obligatory subject in the low classes, until the age of 12-13, depending on your school sytem, so they can get the general idea of what it is. Forward, it should really only be an option, because that subject is selective in those who actually like it, and I feel it's an entire waste of time of obliging it on people who won't even bother trying to get good grades at it(such as myself), and that time could be better spent on more important subjects, such as maths.

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