• Algebra is an essential course for all students.

    The educational system generally fails in how they sell the idea of the importance of learning algebra. Learning algebra is not about learning to solve impractical math problems nor is it about becoming a mathematician. It is about training young minds to think critically. It helps to develop a flexible mind that's capable of resolving real-world problems.

  • Algebra Helps in Real World Applications

    Using algebra in real-world applications happens on a daily basis. Calculating sales tax percentages, fuel efficiency in cars and determining travel times to destinations are all algebraic equations in some form. Without these, humans would be lost and late all the time. Algebra should be taught because children need it later to survive modern society.

  • Algebra isn't necessary unless you're an algebra teacher

    We should be learning about real world math in high school, not the quadratic formula. Also, many people who want to pursue an artistic or liberal arts field, as opposed to math or science, will never need algebra in their lives. Requiring two years of algebra in high school hindrances those who wish to pursue a different field.

  • Algebra is too much

    When I say Algebra is to much I mean it's dangerously too much because students need to learn algebra when it has nothing to do with what they may want in the future and this harms how much info they can take in about a certain subject. It is great that you want to be a math teacher but we don't need to learn the same things as you because we don't want to be you its a simple as that. And I think why would all students need algebra, if you can think of one reason why a basketball player would need to know algebra then tell me.

  • Algebra Tools Are Useful

    Algebra tools are what are useful. The idea that we need two years worth of these courses is ridiculous. The algebra course is erratic and inefficient. There would be a much lower drop-out rate in high school if we developed an algebra course that provided situations in which our students could apply their knowledge.

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Krieg01 says2013-09-26T03:18:21.683
Question? Why should we learn algerbra?