• Because it works

    My School has a uniform policy which is as strict as it possibly can.Gray tweed jackets, White Dress Shirt, Dark Gray Dress Slacks, Dark color socks,Black leather dress shoes and a solid gray tie and a full length Black top coat during the winter months. Rich and poor all look the same no one knows the difference. We are an all Male School so there is no competition to impress. Our Uniform policy is in effect during weekends.

  • Everybody fits in

    If everybody wore the same school uniform then there would be no bullying about being different and it wont be distracting for anybody as they will be wearing the exact same thing. Also when visitors such as Ofsted come in they will see everybody looking smart, however I don't think rules such as top buttons always having to be done is such a good idea-or ties for that matter.

  • Yes,all students should wear school uniforms.

    Yes,all students should wear school uniforms.This would help make an environment that was more conducive to learning and not just comparing what each other wears at any given time.It also saves money for the parents who may be able to put their money towards other things than an expensive wardrobe.

  • No more dresscodes

    I know school uniforms can be uncomfortable but , its better to use school uniforms because the teachers won't give you dress codes and they wont have dress codes anymore if students wear it. And many students wear inappropriate shirts to school like the diamond shirt with the weed on it. Its not proper to wear it to school teachers would really give you referrals and dress codes. If students wears school uniforms it wont have any problems wearing anything and wondering what to wear to school.

  • Put the focus on learning

    I've been through school, I know what it's like to have to worry about what your peers think. Instead of kids having to worry about what they're wearing vs. What other kids are wearing, they can worry about their education. I think it also puts less pressure on families who don't have a lot of money to spend on designer clothes for their kids. Additionally, I know that kids will always find something wrong with each other, but uniforms remove the option of making fun of someone for what they're wearing.

  • No-one likes them, but they have their merits

    Yes, uniforms are annoying and uncomfortable, but they're practical. Imagine having the added worry of what to wear to an already hectic weekday morning. In my experience, putting on a uniform takes a lot less time than picking out an outfit, because with normal clothes you keep changing your mind and worrying about whether it looks nice, if the colours match etc. Plus, more importantly, uniforms mean everyone looks the same and so reduces the risk of people getting bullied because of what they are wearing. Also, take it from someone who has now left school, when you see your old uniform hanging at the back of your wardrobe you get very nostalgic and realise it wasn't so bad after all.

  • No no no

    No. Because when a student wears a uniform at school till they graduate, it takes away their individuality, it takes away their desire to express their feelings and emotions throughout their clothing. Sure we need appropriate clothing but still. It makes one self feel boring. It takes the whole point of diversity away. Makes everything look boring and equal. To god, we all are equal in his eyes. We don't need the same clothing to be equal. We need god. Even tho I go to a catholic school, I think it's still wrong. Us students should be happy about going to school and if we hate uniforms we will hate to go to school cause we will have to wear them. For students. Or some of them, wearing uniforms is like a dog that hates a doggy outfit. It's gonna try to get loose and run away. Of course people don't do that but to conclude my argument, school uniformed should I fact not be worn by all students. If a student wishes to wear a uniform to school. By all means, wear it. If not, than feel free to wear any appropriate clothing you want. As long as it doesn't make a girl look like a sex god. Doesn't show off so much.

  • No because we said so

    Schools should not have dress code because even though some people think it makes it easier to choose what to wear, but it is not because there is not as much of a verity of clothes to choose from so it is harder. Because most stores don't sell the right clothes.

  • No more uniform in winter!

    Kids that wears their school uniform at winter all gets cold!In some school teachers and the rule said that even though it was winter, the students should always be in uniforms. Even though it is a good idea to wear uniform when students went out for a trip so that they wouldn't missing, but lots of student think that uniform is not comfortable.

  • Why do we need them?

    No they should not. They should wear whatever they want. Uniforms are just nothing! It is just boring to wear the same clothes everyday. In sunny days, if it was long sleeves and pants, they would feel too hot. In cold days, if it was half sleeve and shorts, they would get sick. So no uniforms.

  • NO School Uniforms!

    A lot of people express themselves through there clothing. If everybody wore school uniforms then everybody would look the same, and that would show no individuality. Sometimes teens express their moods by clothing. Even though kids need to focus on more important things getting to dress freely would brighten their mood.

  • No, it should be a student's choice.

    No, not all students should wear uniforms, because students should be able to decide for themselves how they want to present themselves at school. All students should look professional, but there are many different ways to look professional. Also, some students might have religious considerations that prevent them from dressing in a certain way.

  • All students should not wear school uniforms.

    School uniforms are oppressive to students and they rob them of a sense of individuality. Students should be able to wear clothes that are comfortable and stylish. Making students wear uniforms is like punishing them just for being young. Students shouldn't be subjected to such harsh treatment when they are young.

  • Public School uniforms is pushing it

    I am all for private schools requiring the students to wear a unfirom, for they have certain standards and are a bit more expensive. Public schools, on the other hand, should continue to give students a bit more freedom when it comes to how they dress, guided they follow the dress code.

  • Uniforms are no bueno.

    I think that allowing a student to express themselves in the way they dress, provided it means minimum standards for the sake of being appropriate, is a great way to give them a way to blow off some steam. Stuffing kids in a uniform and forcing them to homogenize is gross.

  • They should be able to show themselves.

    The child should be able to show themselves by their clothes. Wearing the same clothe everyday would be boring. Yes, I do agree that children have to focus on learning, but just making them to wear uniforms won't do a thing! They would still be concerned, because some girls who are fat worries they will look more fat than the skinny girls. However, if they wear loose shirts and baggy pants, they won't be able to be shown that much. Also, it would be smaller stress and concerns on dressing!

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