• Students should wear uniforms because

    There’s less problems in school, they don’t have to worry about students picking on them or making them feel uncomfortable. It will allow students to focus on their education more and stop disciplinary problems, and student’s attention needs to return to learning in the classroom, rather than how they look when they are in the classroom.

  • Yes this is a good thing

    As a student at a public school I believe that having to wear school uniforms is a good idea because even I myself feel judged about the things I wear and I often feel that I have to compete with others on who has a better and a more expensive outfit. School uniforms would make me feel less self conscious and boost up my self esteem knowing that we all look the same in out clothes.

  • Should all students wear school uniform?

    No they should not. All students should not wear uniforms. Sometimes having uniforms causes more stress on the parents and the students because they have so many rules they have to follow and obey before even getting to the school. Belt, tuck in the shirt, keep your clothes super clean, make sure it is the right color and has the neck correct. It is stressful.

  • I think that is good

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  • School Uniforms need to be in every school

    School uniforms will bring discipline to students and will help them focus more in class. The dilemma that girls have in the morning deciding what they are going to wear will be solved. Bullying and peer pressure will be reduced because everyone is wearing the same thing. People who can't afford brand name clothing won't have to worry. School uniforms will make school a safer and more enjoyable place.

  • Very important uniforms!

    I like to wear school uniforms everyday. In fact, it is the rules of our school.
    We look smart and handsome. It gives us a sexy look too. It gives a sense of community and can help students gain more self-confidence. Above all, it makes us proud of our school. I think that every school should have their own uniforms.

  • All students should wear uniforms

    All students should wear uniforms. This is because of the fact that uniforms have been studied and show improvements in the wearer in many ways. The students who wear uniforms are shown to be more obedient, more organized, and less distracted by personal style choices than those who are not.

  • Do you know how much students would save financially if they wore uniforms in school?

    Obviously, uniforms save a lot more money than regular clothes. For example, Jenet Cho a marketer from Cleveland Ohio, states that it cost around $249 for a uniform per school year. In contrast, you would spend an average of $688 a year on regular clothes. In addition, Angella Benjamin, from Beltsville, is a parent of a daughter who wears a uniform and advocates it. She used to spend $750 per year on her daughter's wardrobe for school. She now spends $130 on a uniform that will last her daughter two years. On top of that, studies show that the average of high school's people's clothes cost an average of $1500 a year. In conclusion, uniforms will save students and parents heaps of money, which they can use for educational purposes.

  • Wearing uniform to schools

    If we wear uniform to school it makes all of us unique.Its the best Idea to wear uniform to schools.
    I know some students don't like it but it is the only one who makes us unique in schools.I love wearing uniforms to school its my hobby to wear uniform to school.

  • Don't let anyone wear uniforms

    Uniforms can boost the school's spirit, They might say. So, Think about this, Does the school even have a spirit to be boosted? NO. Why you might ask me, Well think about the student's personality INSTEAD. LIKE SERIOUSLY, The students are waiting the free style clothing in school and also waiting to ask the principal : " DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT ALL YOUR STUDENTS TO LOOK THE SAME? ! "

  • They should not!

    Parents waste money on uniforms, They are ussles and students forget the sometimes. And if somone wants to wear one, Then do it! It is not against the rules! ANd If I were to decide, I would say no! I believe everyone has the freedom to do pick their own!

  • Lots of reasons

    Uniforms are expensive to buy and has to be replaced constantly as the child grows bigger. They can be uncomfortable and make children lose focus in class. Non uniform helps students to express themselves and understand diversity. You should all agree that they are boring.
    So they are my reasons :)

  • Uniform does not stop bullying.

    Many people think that once uniform is enforced, bullying stops, but no. Instead of picking on each other's clothing, students will criticise hair choices, jewelry, and shoes. Uniform, surprising, can even lower your self-esteem, and make them embarrassed because they are not comfortable at all in the impractical and itchy clothing schools produce.

  • Sup y'all Fools

    People that make students wear school uniforms should go to jail because they are taking away a child's free will. It's just like making a prisoner wear a orange jumpsuit. Students should feel free to express themselves in clothing with being picked on or being call a homosexuial faget it's not fair.

  • No they shouldn't have to go through that

    No, I think they should wear whatever they want at school because they should have the freedom to wear what they think is best to wear. So I support that but it can't be inappropriate clothes.

    I don't have a problem with the students wearing what they want. Who wants to go to a store and buy uniforms every time they wear out, it's a waste time and money when u can just go and wear some shorts and a shirt “BUT IT HAS TO AT LEAST MATCH”. I also have some concerns, the girls will be a problem because someone can say u look inappropriate, but by then it will be too late because they are already at school.

    Every day this girl gonna pick out her clothes and ask herself is this appropriate? The people should have a vote. I want freedom and faith to dress appropriately and its a right, not a privilege, but what is a privilege is u can buy snacks and drinks.

    Express Yourself

    Parents, kids, and even the ACLU have noted that growing children need to learn to express themselves as individuals. Wearing the same thing every day obviously gets boring and limits an individual's ability to craft a personal and unique style. Casual clothing can carry messages that uplift, inspire and unite schoolchildren.

    Schools with strict dress codes and uniforms have gone so far as to disallow small, cartoon images on socks, or certain brand names. Such restrictive policies leave kids feeling disgruntled and resentful, which takes the focus off learning. In a country that praises freedom of expression and individual liberty, students need to learn how to express their personality, find connections with a social group and make individual choices as they grow into adults.

    Cost and Comfort Concerns

    Some may assume that school uniforms lessen a family's clothing expense. However, many parents have complained about the cost of uniforms, which can be significant. Children outgrow uniforms quickly, and their uniforms may often get stained or torn. Replacement costs begin to add up, and parents also have to pay for casual clothes to wear outside of school.

    In addition, students complain that uniforms are uncomfortable and that they feel stifled while wearing them. Wearing itchy and tight clothes in class can make it difficult for a student to focus on academics.

    National Data

    Though individual schools and districts often boast about improved student performance and attendance after choosing to require uniforms, a comprehensive study of national data published in "Educational Policy" found no direct link between uniforms and student achievement. In some instances, the study found the opposite effect. It's possible that faculty wish to perceive students as sharper and more disciplined because of the uniforms, but on a national scale, the uniforms prove to be only a superficial fix to other serious problems.

  • I don't think children should have to wear school outfits

    The reason I don't think that students should have to wear school outfits because your clothes represent your personality and it shows what kind of person you are. Like the people that wear brighter clothes are usually the happy and joyful people. And the people that wear darker clothes are usually not very talkative and kind of just keep to themselves and are usually not as happy or joyful. That's not true in all cases but students should be able to wear what they want and express themselves and express their personality. If you make them wear all the same outfits, those bland "fancy" outfit, they won't know how to express themselves and it's very important for children to express themselves and learn to stand up for themselves.

  • Bullies and Funds

    When students wear school uniforms, they are more likely to be bullied. School uniforms can be so expensive, that students are more likely to not go to school and schools loose their funding and their students. This is why all schools should NOT wear school uniforms for those very reasons.

  • No because I hate it

    No because I have to waste my money to buy new uniform and I have to keep it clean and try not to get it dirty which is hard for me so I say no to uniform and don't wear it to school and I can wear some jeans and

  • It's too much.

    I used to go to a school where uniforms were a thing. It's too much, Having to get it ready in the morning and stressing over making sure it's always tucked in! Now I go to a school with no uniforms and Life is easier. Its just too much hastle

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