• The long term affect

    Legal highs will affect young teens in more ways than we know , lets face it normal society is fucked and kids trying legal highs will only be encouraged by the experiance to try higher illegal drugs because they dont know that the powder passed from their friends is illegal nor the joint HANDED TO THEM

  • Yes, they should.

    If we are talking about bath salts or synthetic marijuana, then I do believe that they should be banned until the FDA has a chance to look into potential dangers and make a ruling on them. There are many cases where there are supposed very bad effects that have come from ingesting or smoking synthetic marijuana.

  • Anything that artificially produces a high should be illegal.

    All substances that cause 'legal highs' should be banned. This might mean banning caffeine and chocolate too, but so be it. People could be more focused on relaxation techniques or exercising to get bursts of energy the natural way rather than being dependent on chemicals to feel artifically good about themselves.

  • Leads to other

    Yes, all these things that cause legal highs do need to be banned, they are the same as any other drug, and should be treated like it. Also, they are gateways for other more serious drugs that are illegal to use, so these being legal are setting people up for illegal.

  • Legal highs are better than crack

    If we ban them, people will just go back to smuggling more dangerous ILLEGAL drugs, also banning people doesn't stop them. The more prohibited something is, the more people want it. Also theres so many bigger problems in the world. So instead banning legal highs, how about we ban something more threatening like carrying knifes

  • Poo poo poo

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  • Legal turned illegal will make citizens into criminals.

    If you ban legal highs, people will you illegal highs. Historically, that is clearly indisputable. If you look back to prohibition in the US, making alcohol illegal opened to way for major criminal efforts to supply the people with what they wanted. Making what they wanted illegal only made law-abiding citizens into criminals.

  • What about St Johns Wort?

    There are a number of chemicals that people have been using to help get themselves through hard times. Some examples that spring to mind are St Johns Wort, Kalms and Rescue Remedy. My 80 year old mother takes a little Rescue remedy to help her through such times as going to the doctors. I believe these all can be included as being psychoactive substances. Are these to be banned ?

  • The government does not have a right, or any basis for the argument

    My first and most important reason, is that the government has no place telling a person what he should or should not do with his body. Of course if this infringes on another persons freedom then it should be taken into accord, such as alcohol, crack, meth, and other drugs that cause irrational and sometimes violent behavior behavior. But drugs such a marijuana and other legal drugs that cause a feeling of euphoria but without the irrational behavior. Such as a high from Advil. That person is just going to feel good, and get tired. That drug in no way would provoke behavior that would effect someone else in a negative way.

    Next reason is that banning these drugs would take soooooooooooooooooooo much money to regulate. This is money that america could be using to do actual good instead of keeping people from feeling good. If you ban nyquil and make it so that you need a prescription thats going to make the price of every drug skyrocket, and inhibit the good that they can do, just for the slight amount of high that a person gets. Also, have fun trying to ban glue/gasoline/computer duster/ and mouthwash and everything else that can provoke a high.

    Last point.
    Banning these drugs would only be pandering to an EXTREMELY small amount of the population that actually use them. This is punishing the 99 percent to keep the 1 percent from doing something. Of course huffing spray paint is bad for you, but 99.9 percent of the people who use spray paint use it for its intended purpose.

    It is not the governments job, it is the parents job/ the schools job/ your own job to teach yourself and your children how to use things responsibly.

  • No ban on substances that cause "legal highs"

    I hope our way of thinking since the days of a Drug Free America has passed and we can start looking to truth to define our laws in this country on substances that get you "high." To ban such things would not just include the normal things that come to mind such as crack, methamphetamine, heroin, speed, acid, whatever your substance of choice may be. However, a ban would also need placed on things like aerosol cans, cough medicines, and lets not forget prescription medications. You put a definition of "legal high" and it opens the doors to ban all kinds of things. Problem is you make life harder for the average Joe to get relief from pain and discomfort. People will always find a way to experiment and get high, the more you take away the more weird stuff these people find to get that high, even catching flesh eating bacteria. Sometimes a full ban is far worse then giving people a choice.

  • Prohibition Doesn't Work

    I do not believe all substances that cause legal highs should be banned. First, there is no such thing as a legal high. Second, prohibition, in all of its uses, has failed every time. I think it is best to stop fighting these wars, when there is no true way to eliminate these substances from society.

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