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  • Taxes only support laziness.

    Higher taxes reward laziness. People use cash more efficiently than bureaucratic governments. Why punish hard-working people? By subsidising lazy people you are merely making everybody worse off. Supply-side economics have proven to be extremely sucessful. The only people who want taxes raised are lazy idiots who are jealous of success.

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  • Why Taxes Should Be Lowered

    The more money is given through taxes, the more poor the majority of people become. The people with too much money'll be given more and the one's paying all the expensive taxes will lose their homes soon enough. Worse of all, poverty will be more common meaning more people may end up homeless.

  • Taxes should be lowered.

    We live in a free country, which means that money belongs to the people who earn it. Some may agree that we should give up a small portion for things such as employment insurance, or healthcare. These things may be good, but we do not give the government a claim to spend our money whichever way seems right.
    Individuals and businesses use money more efficiently than governments do. People with their own money at risk spend or invest it carefully. Money will do more good in the hands of individuals, than in the hands of the government.
    High taxes discourage work and investment. Taxes create a difference between what the employer pays and what the employee receives, so not all employees get paid fairly.

  • Yes, taxes burden too heavily the common person and society and should be lowered

    The average person sees their wages going less and less far. Taxes only further burden people who are already struggling to make ends meet. Any essential lapses in public service brought on by the lowering of taxes would immediately be filled by intelligent entrepreneurs. So lowering taxes would benefit those struggling to makes ends meet and can benefit society as whole by the creation of private sector jobs to fill in what the lowered taxes may leave out. It’s a win win.

  • Taxes should be lowered for all people

    Taxes are a way of life and every one has to live with them. Everyone is obligated to pay taxes and make special accommodations so they can stay good with the IRS. But raising taxes is not going to fix the national debt issue we have in our nation. Getting more people working again can help with that.

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  • Taxes shud be goooone

    Hey niggas I feel like taxes shud be goan be cuz we al gonna die in dis world if we don’t keep ar nigga taxes low in da us we always keep r taxes low if you don’t suport ma cuz then I wil keep typingg like dis so nigga help support ma nigga cause

  • Taxes are sometimes needed.

    A great many taxes can and should be lowered, but sometimes they are needed, so not all should be. Most taxes are too high due to overspending and not correctly using finances. The people enjoyed the same schools, colleges, roads, hospitals, and services that we do today while paying far less taxes not so long ago, so it could be done. However, there are some taxes that are needed.

  • All taxes should no be lowered

    All taxes should no be lowered. There should be taxes that are higher for people who make more income and lower taxes for people who make less. It is all about balancing our system, so that everyone can benefit from it. When taxes are distributed proportionally based on the income that people make, then it is effectively done.

  • No, we have lost too many services as it is.

    The national debt is astronomical, Medicare has been repeatedly cut while premiums have been raised, taxes have been raised in sneaky ways by eliminating deductions, food stamps have been cut, hundreds of full time jobs have been cut back to part time jobs, unemployment benefits are being revamped and pared down. How much more would be taken away if taxes were lowered?

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