• I am saying yes to this very vaguely.

    Obviously countries have to work together in this day in age. We see this in organizations like NATO, ASEAN, African Union, And within the realm of argument the EU. Now getting every country in the world to work together is in a certain way is what the UN is meant for though it fails when people really need it and desperately needs reform. For example focusing on getting countries to sign a none binding migration pact instead of trying to develop worse off regions like the Sahara countries. Countries should work together when it comes to issues that effect the globe, But internal and regional issues should not be a global issue like a trade agreement.

  • We should!

    The reason why is because 1. It would stop all war because there would be no countries to start a war with. 2. We could create more technology faster due to more help from the joined countries.
    3. It would be a lot more efficient to create a gov, To help get rid of crime and we could make the world a better place. Overall the world would be a lot better.

  • We should but is impossible!

    So basically I get your point and it would not be easy as getting all the rivals or the enemies together into one is currently impossible
    (example- a country having Kim Jong Un and Donald Trump together in one country whereas they are not in a good relation now). It will not be efficient to create govt. As there is democracy and everyone has their own rights. So if fair democracy is there, Then there will be more fights/ protests for a single decision.
    Any work will take longer as the decision will go very long and overall at the result it will be 20% -80%

  • Oh heck no

    Even though some countries are working together like EU, Nato, And other organizations like these are to do something to protect either the economy or anything like that is good. The reason why they work together peacefully is because they have things in common. For example, Religion and same ideas. I don´t think that all countries should team up with each other. If they do, They can cause some conflicts because maybe they have different beliefs and they are going to fight over it as a war.

  • No, Not at all possible

    No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible, No, Not at all possible no, Not at all possible

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