• We are intelligent

    Etter way to say this than, "wake up people!" We are all human, we all come from a single cell that further develops into different races. Just because we have different skin colour, looks, and personality does not mean we are that different. And seriously people, we have been dealing with discrimination for a long time, and by this point should eliminate that point of view completely. We are smart. We should be able to differentiate what is right and wrong. And disliking people just because of their race is not an intelligent representation for the entire human race. If you think you are better than anyone else because of your skin color you probably have low intelligent and unable to make right decisions; but you think you are worst than anyone else because of your skin color than you are giving free chances to people to excel you. Be smart, you can do anything as long as you believe in yourself.

  • All humans have claim to equality regardless of colour or creed.

    As human beings we have a right to equality and respect regardless of the colour of your skin. We did not create ourselves nor did we choose what colour our skin or eyes would be, it is beyond wrong for people to treated as inferior because of factors that are out of their control. At the end of the day there is only one race that matters and that is the human race.

  • We're all human

    I hate the ideology that people of different races are very different. We are all humans, and one embarrassing flaw in humanity is that we classify people into different races instead of just saying "we are the human race". Hopefully in future generations, this problem will be solved as kids do not display near the level of racism that adults can.

  • Everybody should have the same rights no matter what

    We are all the same on the inside but why are we treated differently based on the outside, we all have our favorite hobbies, we all can feel angry, sad, stressed or in love we all have courage and strength in our own way then why treat us differently, huh?

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