Should all topics about atheism be put in the religion forum?

Asked by: Installgentoo
  • Atheists have "Blind Faith"

    Atheists believe that atheism is true, But most of them, if not all don't give any warrant for why they think it is true. Therefore, they simply trust in it "blindly" without giving any objective facts. I don't hate atheists, nor do I think their unintelligent people. I love atheists and want them to know the truth of Jesus Christ of Nazreth because he died for their sins.

  • Atheism is a religion

    Atheism is a religious belief, the only one more dangerous than evoutionism. Harris and Hitchens are the two messiahs of atheism and atheism is founded on faith in unqualified theoretical scientific beliefs, like the existence of virtual particles. It is also irrational to reject the conept of a creator because otherwise you have to believe the universe just popped into being.

  • Atheism = Theism

    Atheism does not equate to Theism, but they might as well in terms of religious thinking. Both of which make conclusions to an inconclusive concept, both believe that they are correct, and both claim to support this concept with "evidence." Atheists would like to claim otherwise about their faith, but in doing so, they only prove that they are just as devout to their religion as Theists.

  • Defining the word religion

    Oxford dictionary defines religion as
    1.2 [COUNT NOUN] a pursuit or interest followed with great devotion:

    So if an atheist practices or preaches the merits of this view, they are devoted to this belief. The mere act of defending atheism proves a devotion to it. Hence it is a religious topic, and can be classified as a branch of religion.

    As an example Buddhists do not believe in a god, Buddha was just a man. But Buddhism is still classified as a religion. I think that most atheists are offended by the idea that they could be part of a religion. I would compare it to a devout Christian looking at Muslims as not really believing in a true religion, but as having a misguided view of the eternal. Atheists see people that believe in a higher power as misguided because they believe science has provided them with the answers.

  • Yes, but not because it is one.

    Atheism is not a religion. There are a few great sayings that illustrate this perfectly: calling atheism a religion is like calling bald a hair color, or it is like saying that not collecting stamps is a hobby.

    But I will argue that it belongs in the religion forum. To be an atheist is about understanding that there is no reason to accept any truth claim or hypothesis that has no evidence supporting it. For that matter, because religious people do accept certain hypotheses without evidence, the Religion Forum is the right place for topics about atheism because it allows atheists to engage with other people in civilized debate regarding these truth claims.

    All atheism is, is the rejection of a god-hypothesis. It is not a positive belief in itself. If religion were to ever die out, then the word atheism becomes meaningless as well because there are no more people that accept those truth claims, rendering the term atheism superfluous.

  • Of course it should!

    While I, unlike others, am not moronic enough to say atheism is a religion, what discussion about atheism would one have not related to religion? Theism is not a religion, yet a discussion about theism would be put in the religion forum. It's basically like discussing deafness in a hearing forum. Deafness is the lack of hearing, but is still directly related to hearing.

  • Yes because: science!

    Atheism attempts to explain a universal negative. Negative is the opposite of positive. Positive can be on a battery. Batteries are good for electronics. Electronics help us debate on DDO. DDO has a religious forum. There are atheists on DDO. Therefore, atheism should be put on the religious forum. Thank you.

  • But not because it's a religion

    The very nature of atheism is discussing and disagreeing with religion. Atheists don't believe there is proof of religion. So yes the very nature of atheism has to do with discussing and disbelief in religion. But atheism is not a religion. It's a denial of any deity. I have to admit today's atheists are fake and think it has to do with Christianity. No, atheism is a denial of any deity, whether it'd be Hindu, Islamic, Christian, Pagan. Any

  • Is atheism a religion?

    When discussing whether atheism is a religion you REALLY have to define the terms. Take for instance, the word atheism according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary is A) disbelief in the existence of deity.
    Or B) The doctrine that there is no deity.
    If you define atheism like that then people who take that stance have to believe it to be true (or else they're agnostics).
    If you look at the word religion, in the same dictionary it diverts the word into two distinctly different definitions.
    The first being: the belief in a god or in a group of gods.
    While the second is rather: an interest, a belief, or an activity that is very important to a person or group.
    In conclusion, we cannot lump the disbelief in a deity into a word defined as the belief in a deity but we can sum it up as a belief that is very important to a certain group of people just as you can with Buddhism (Which also requires you to believe that there is no god)
    So yes, I do think we can say that atheism is a religion, but we have to interpret the word religion as simply a belief that is important to those people.

  • Yes, but it is not a religion.

    While atheism is a philosophical belief rather than a religious one, it is most often discussed in the context of religious matters. Therefore, for the sake of organization, topics centered around atheism fit best in the category of religious discussion. After all, what is the point of discussing a lack of something unless it is done as a comparison or reflection of having that something? (Faith, in this case.)

    Just to make a comparison, it would be like discussing not having hair on your head. There isn't much point to that discussion unless it is comparing or reflecting in some way on the opposing state (having hair). You could discuss about having hair--how you style it, how it is colored, all different characteristics about that hair--but a lack of hair doesn't quite have characteristics to discuss beyond that which is obvious.

  • Atheism is Not a Religion

    Atheism is not a religion in any way. It is simply the lack of belief in any gods. Period. I see no reason why things discussing that lack of belief should be put into a religious forum unless a religious debate comes up. The fact that you people think it is a religion is truthfully interesting and your psychology should be studied. The two previous dissenters have already stated my opinion in detail on this subject.

  • Atheism is not a religion.

    The definition of atheism is the rejection of of belief in a creator. To call it a religion or based on faith is - and this is an overused analogy - like saying that bald is a hairstyle or not playing tennis is a sport.

    Second, atheists can choose not to believe in a scientific theory, they don't automatically worship science. And also, look up The Casimir Effect for clarification on the existence of virtual particles.

    Also, it is actually irrational to accept the concept of a creator as the only viable explanation for how the universe came into existence.

  • It has no other place to put in, unfortunately.

    Am an Agnostic and I am quite sure that Atheism is not a religion.

    Atheism is disbelief, period. If disbelief in Gods is considered religion, then disbelief in Santa clause or the tooth fairy should also be considered religion.

    If you don't believe in the flying spaghetti monster as the only one true God, then you are an atheist to this God, right? I don't see you calling that a religion of disbelieving in the FSM.

    So if Atheism is a religion, so is not playing golf a sport or not watching T.V is a hobby.

    Religion is a belief system based on a belief in God, Holy books, Holy places, prophets, the unseen (Angels, miracles, etc...). So does Atheism has any? No, simply put. It is not a religion and cannot be considered as such. Very silly to say otherwise and shows how ignorant people are about Atheism to call it a religion.

    All this said and done, you can't really put it anywhere but the religion forum. Cause Atheism discusses and opposes Theism which has denominations in religion, thus Atheistic topics will always relate to religions.

    I might think that Atheism could be put in the philosophy section, but not quite often do Atheists engage in philosophical debates. Atheists mostly engage in Theistic debate, the typical Atheism Vs Theism debate. So no other place to put it.

  • If Religions Are Television Channels, Atheism is the Off Switch:

    Calling Atheism a Religion is the same as calling Baldness a Hair Style or calling Not Collecting Stamps a Hobby.
    No two Atheists have the same underlying beliefs.
    The only common element is a non-belief in any deity.
    I have Atheist friends who believe in ghosts and Astrology, yet they don't believe in God.
    I have Atheist friends who don't know anything about Science and Evolution, so not all Atheists are Evolutionists. They just don't think any God is useful in their lives.
    I am the only Atheist in my group that supports Science and Evolution, and my group has 54 members.
    My Buddhist friends are Spiritual Atheists and one friend is an Atheist Psychic.
    A religion has doctrines and dogma, there are no Atheist doctrines nor dogma that is applicable to all Atheists.
    Because every single Atheist is a complete individual, they have no common beliefs, only a common single disbelief.
    Therefore every modern well educated human should be part of a religion called Modernism, because all modern intelligent humans believe the Earth Is Not Flat. So everybody who disbelieves in a Flat Earth is part of the No-Flat-Earth Religion.

  • Im athiest and noooooooooooooo its not a religon

    WE DO NOT BELIEve in blind faith. We do not follow the wisdom of any god or man therefor atheism is not a religion or faith. WE do not "belive in anything" we THINK THat the idea of a god is stupid nah laughable. Well at least that's my thought. I BELIEVE MORE IN SCIENCE.


  • No it is not

    For some strange reason, many people keep getting the idea that atheism is itself some sort of religion. It's an assertion which I keep hearing in newsgroups, in private email, and in this site's chat room. Maybe it is because these people are so caught up in their own religious beliefs that they cannot imagine any person living without religion of some sort. Maybe it is due to some persistent misunderstanding of what atheism is. And maybe they just don't care that what they are saying really doesn't make any sense.

    1.Belief in supernatural beings (gods).
    2.A distinction between sacred and profane objects.
    3.Ritual acts focused on sacred objects.
    4.A moral code believed to be sanctioned by the gods.
    5. Characteristically religious feelings (awe, sense of mystery, sense of guilt, adoration), which tend to be aroused in the presence of sacred objects and during the practice of ritual, and which are connected in idea with the gods.
    6.Prayer and other forms of communication with gods.
    7. A world view, or a general picture of the world as a whole and the place of the individual therein. This picture contains some specification of an over-all purpose or point of the world and an indication of how the individual fits into it.
    8.A more or less total organization of one's life based on the world view.
    9.A social group bound together by the above.

    To try and claim that atheism is a religion requires, it should be pretty obvious from the above, a radical ad hoc redefinition in what it is that "being a religion" is supposed to mean, resulting in a radically equivocal use of the new term.
    In addition, it should be noted that theism itself does not qualify as a religion based upon the above - and for most of the same reasons that atheism does not qualify. When you stop to think about it, theism - the mere belief in god(s) - does not automatically entail almost any of the beliefs or practices listed in either the above letter or the above definition. In order to have a religion, you need quite a bit more than either simple belief or disbelief. This fact is clearly reflected in the real world, because we find theism which exists outside of religion and religion which exists without theism

  • No way at all.

    If atheism is a religion, off is a TV station.
    Atheism is simply the lack of belief, it is not the belief that there is nothing. One way to look at it is that religious institutes (eg. Churches) don't pay taxes. If you were to say atheism is a religion and scientific laboratories were the equivalent of an atheist church they wouldn't have to pay taxes, but they do, the government doesn't consider a religious institute.

  • Say what !!!

    Atheism is not a religion. So I would have to say no. And now I need thirty more words. Let's try this. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Atheism, as not being a religion, does not belong in the religion section.

    Atheism is simply not a religion, even by definition it's the lack of one. Those arguing yes, I can already guess, are against atheism for some reason or another, in fact, I know this to be true. I can read the other side's simply incorrect arguments about "blind faith being in atheism" though atheism has no belief system to put faith into, most people mistake atheism to say that there is no god, when in reality atheism doesn't say anything.

  • Atheism is a belief claim but not a religion:

    Theistic questions are philosophical questions on belief claims and there are a few distinct answers to them: "Mono, Poly, A, and Undefined" where monotheism is one deity, polytheism is either multiple deities or a multi-aspect deity, atheism is the active rejection of deities, and "undefined" represents ideals like Theological Noncognitivism that assert there's no value to even answering the question itself.

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Buckethead31594 says2014-01-27T23:00:24.553
If I could, I would change my opinion. Theists claim a god exists, and they have the Burden of Proof. Therefore, they must provide evidence that their god does exist. In the absence of this evidence, a logical person rejects their claim. This is Atheism.
Sagey says2014-02-25T06:59:18.037
So true Buckethead:
Atheism is purely Disbelief in God, because nobody can show evidence there is a God, thus Disbelief is Justified and Belief in God is unjustified by Evidence.
Making Atheism the naturally correct position.
Calling Atheism a religion is calling Disbelief in Unicorns a religion, though I don't know what name we would give it.
I don't believe the Flying-Spaghetti-Monster exists, thus I disbelieve in Pastarfarianism or I'm an APastafarian.

According to the stupid nongs in the IRS and Christians, Apastafarianism should be a religion, because it is the same as calling Atheism a religion,
Speceus says2014-05-09T18:46:17.227
Atheism is not a religion, atheism is the lack of any belief or any claim without evidence or reason to believe. I do think it has a place in religious debate, cause for me religion is completely nonsensical. People should be aware that they don't have to believe and informing people about what atheism is (sine many believe we are evil devil worshippers) is important.