Should all U.S. citizens get a college education?

  • A college education is important.

    I believe that a college education is one of the most prized possessions we can have as Americans. I think that all US citizens should at least attempt to get a full college education. I think that a college education can greatly improve the way that our country works and lives.

  • All U.S. citizens should get a college education.

    All U.S. citizens should get a college education. However, we can not afford to give an education to the college kids that are in there now or about to go. The cost of the college and university have gone up so much that most parents and students can not afford to go.

  • More Education Means More Money

    More education, especially well-rounded learning, means more money over a lifetime for anyone who gets a college degree. That is a fact borne out after years of study. Getting a degree means better jobs, even at entry levels. The global economy is moving towards educated positions and away from grunt factory work. The world needs more engineers, computer scientists and web developers as opposed to factory workers.

  • Yes,all U.S. citizens should get a college education.

    There are several good reasons why all U.S citizens should get a college education.First of all people are able to acquire skills that they could never get on the high school level.They are also able to meet new types of people that they may never have encountered in their everyday work world.

  • Education for All

    All US citizens should get a college education. It is not fair that only the rich should be entitled to such a basic, fundamental right. The others spend the rest of their life in debt in order to obtain a college education and this is the prime reason for our class decline.

  • People need jobs

    People need jobs. People want to go to college because its a better way to get a job today - not because they necessarily want or need to go to college in the first place. Jobs today all say they want a college educated person, even if its not necessary for the position.

  • Not everyone is cut out for college.

    Every U.S. Citizen should not get a college education. Some people hate school and are not cut out for it. Besides, if everyone were to go to college, it would lesson the holding of a degree. Higher education would have to include something else such as a doctorate because everyone would have a Bachelor's degree.

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