Should All U.S. States Be Forced To Adopt The Next Generation Science Standards?

Asked by: Sagey
  • The US Is Dropping Behind The Rest Of The World In Average Student Levels Of Scientific Knowledge, Adopting NGSS Is Necessary:

    Many states according to the National Center for Science Education are resisting adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards which are almost mandatory if the US is to have any chance of regaining the lead in scientific exploits and discoveries it once enjoyed.
    Many of the Bible belt states have resisted the NGSS on the grounds that they consider it as promoting secular values and atheism.
    Though this is only so the religious groups can maintain it's hold over the state science education, which is holding the state's students scientific knowledge for ransom or deliberately restricting their access to real scientific knowledge so as to keep them indoctrinated and subservient to religious based ideologies.

    Thus in this war, it is the students in those states who suffer.
    The states are limiting the capabilities of its students to reach a high level of scientific competence which is thus also keeping the National Average Scientific Competence Down.

    The only way for the US to achieve a high level of Average Scientific Education is to drag those states resisting the adoption of the NGSS by their ears, kicking and screaming.

    Public Idiots like Ken Ham might and Ray Comfort may make a public fuss about it.
    But, they all need to get Real!
    Because The Reality is that the US will possibly become a Scientific Knowledge Poor Nation if Idiots in the state boards are allowed to ride shotgun over a decrepit archaic non-productive, extremely backward state science curriculum.
    Such as many of those Creationist impregnated states have.

    It's the student's ability to Shine that is important.

    Politics and Religion should not interfere with their need for a Great Education!!!

    Don't You Agree?


  • The states should not be FORCED to adopt these standards

    Education is an issue that should be left to the states and should not be federalized (well it kind of already is with the Department of Education). The 10th amendment says that rights not given to the federal government go to the states, so it is unconstitutional to FORCE this on the states.

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