• Logging should definitely be stopped

    Logging should be stopped because you are hurting the animals that live in the trees. This is true. Logging hurts the earth and can affect humans too. Look up how logging can affect humans and you will know why I am saying this. Logging is bad for the environment. Remember this is true.

  • Yes, it should be sustainable.

    Logging is a troublesome industry, although of course we in society do need the trees for building materials as well as for paper and other goods. The solution is for all logging to be sustainable and to take into account the trees that are being cut down, how they are being cut, and whether they can be replaced.

  • Unsustainable logging should regulated

    I believe it should not necessarily be banned, but it should be regulated. At one time trees were the inhabitants of almost 14% of the earth, that is a far cry from the numbers today. Humans and other animals rely on trees to supply oxygen which is needed for life. It should be our first priority to conserve this life force in order to conserve our own life force.

  • Traditional Logging Practices are Outdated

    When you consider modern building materials such as concrete, bricks and siding, wood should be used less and less in the scope of building houses. Yes, wood is cheaper and wood will always be used for the interior of houses. The demand for wood has decreased, so sustainable logging practices should be easier to implement. Sustainable logging is fairly simple--all one has to do is plant saplings after the big trees come down.

  • All unsustainable logging should be banned.

    All unsustainable logging should be banned. There are a lot of benefits to logging but there are a lot more damage being done by certain logging standards then there are good. These forests that we invade and destroy need to be replanted and taken care of instead of left looking like a bomb went off in them. We need to start maintaining our trees so wildlife can be sustained.

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  • It should not be banned.

    Logging is an essential economic job and source of producing goods. Without logging we would not have things used in everyday life such as paper, wood for furniture, wood to build homes, and it creates well paying jobs for machinery operators and the people that fix the machines. It may look bad and as if it "destroys" the environment. But it actually creates the opportunity for new growth to be planted and to develop. This also creates new habitats for animals such as branch hallows that rabbits will inhabit. So in the end unsustainable logging is okay and has plenty of reasons to continue.

  • These materials were made to be used.

    Unless we're doing something like irreversibly harming the environment by cutting down the tree, then there's no reason why unsustainable logging should be banned. Resources were made to be used, and your counterargument of "But it looks so pretty!" won't keep a shelter over someone's head. Trees can be replanted.

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