Should all US citizens over the age of 18 receive a minimum income paid for by cutting existing social programs and the military budget?

Asked by: Dash205
  • Certain stipulations only

    I would replace a monetized guaranteed basic income with a tangible good as we can hardly count on politicians to increase with CPI. Guarantee everyone at least a one bedroom apartment and universal healthcare (not forced buy of private insurance with Obamacare). If people want more, they work to get a two or three bedroom apartment or house with the one bedroom already given as credit (deducted from total cost). Must work for food, but more security knowing you can't be evicted.

  • No. People need to work for their money

    No, there should be no handouts. People needs to earn their wages. That's why I think all means tested programs need to be eliminated. Military budget should also be reduced. We need to get this country out of debt and not increase it. Social programs are inefficient and is an unfair burden to the taxpayers.

  • That would discourage their work ethic.

    If everyone recieved income from the government, everyone would be dependent on the government. They would start to feel entitled to have all of their needs and wishes paid for by the government. If they didn't feel independent and responsible for their own welfare, they would have no motivation to work hard and make money. People would become lazy and subistent, like a 30-year-old basement dweller who only stays with his parents because they let him, and keep supporting his habits.

  • Socialism fails due to lack of motivation

    It seems nice... Save for the fact that it would slowly enforce a learned helplessness and complacency that would rob the system of its ability to support itself.

    While I like to think of people as innovative, driven, desiring to do more and be self-sufficient, the reality is all too obvious. People of this sort are the outliers. The majority are self serving, complacent, even lazy. If given the opportunity to have money for nothing and simply survive, most will simply survive.

    This will in turn demotivate the few innovators who find that their efforts serve only to reinforce the learned helplessness of others, with the burden being so great that their efforts earn them no more in terms of resources and comforts.

    This is a stupid idea.

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