Should all US residents be required to hold health insurance?

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  • Universal health care is best

    Forcing every American citizen to buy medical insurance would be impossible, as many families are too poor to afford it. Switching to a universal health care system would be better. It would ensure that everyone gets equal care, no matter wealth. You could simply increase corporate taxes and taxes for the super-rich. But I am a Canadian, so I really have no say in this.

  • Purchasing Decisions Should Belong to the Family

    All US residents should not be required to purchase health insurance or any other product. All purchasing decisions need to be made by the individual or family based on family needs and wants, finances and cost of the product. This is the basis of a free market, and forcing US residents to purchase something they neither need nor want and may not be able to afford creates financial hardship for families and is generally against the principles of freedom the US was founded on.

  • Its my body

    No, its US residents choice if they want health insurance or not you should not be forced to do or have anything that you do not want to have espcially if you live in a so called democracy society, that does not sould like a democracy to me sound like your being forced.

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