Should all weddings where both the bride and groom are over 60 be banned because they cannot reproduce?

Asked by: OneMississippi
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  • The goal of marriage is NOT reproduction.

    These weddings should not be banned simply because of the age and the ability of reproduction. If this was the case, couples that cannot have children due to diseases in their reproduction systems, missing valuable reproductive body part, etc. would not be able to get married despite how much they love each other. Also, just because a couple is unable to reproduce does not mean they cannot adopt or find children in other ways. Overall, this is a ridiculous and foolish thought.

  • Nothing can win over love

    Marriage is not only about having kids and growing old together. It is much more than that. Marriage is about the love between to people, may they be of the same gender or not, its about their connection and there understanding, and i also feel that age has no power over love. Everyone deserves to be happy, everyone deserves to be in love.

  • They should not be banned because...

    Marriage should not be something that needs to be dependent on the reproductive systems of the two couple. Man and wife should not be forced to be not publicly marry, seeing as it would be a violation of human rights to not allow them. It would be really sad to if they wanted family perhaps, to be there.

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