Should all women bathe in and survive only off of cum from Men?

  • OMG YES we should

    I 100% agree that we women need to be subjugated by All Men and Any Man, And that we really only need their delicious gallons of Cum to survive. With all that delicious protein, We can keep ourselves alive, And best of all we can have it all over our skin, Taking baths in it as opposed to water. We could even have public tubs where we strip, Hop in, And have Men come by and spray their thick white juicy sticky hot Cum all over our bodies (inside of our bodies too if they so wish x3). 100% YES!

  • Because they should all be able to have the pleasure of the hot and creamy ness

    Who doesn’t want to be covered in the nice warm and creamy cum of us males most women would like it and it would feel nice everyday just in your mouth and on your body just feel it and you will love it trust me it really does feel very very nice

  • Cum means yum

    I am a big alpha male and therefore I am always correct and I think every female who is fit should chug my cum. Fuck milk pour my cum on your cereal. My cum is very high quality as my willy is 32 inches long. I have very big muscles.

  • Too right we should

    In fact i would go as far to say that women must fester in our cum and feces all day and all night. Cum is the mist delicious, And healthy of the bodily fluids, Im currently sipping on a mug of cum tea. Mmmmmmmmmm i love cum so much please donate to me as i badly need some of daddys cum inside my arsehole

  • Of Course They Do

    I'm sexist and I'm proud. Females exist only to serve males and bring them pleasure. Anyone who disagrees with this notion is mentally handicapped and deserves to be ostracized from society and forever referred to as "retarded. " Otherwise, Women might actually think they're worth something, And cause a societal collapse.

  • I say no

    1. Because women deserve MUCH more rights than men. If this was their only choice then:

    they would be unhealthy.

    2. Men would be unhealthy as well consider their massive supplie of cum produced by masturbation and sex are unnatural.

    3. If this is true, Then should men bathes in women's periods? I guess no. Both of them are gross.

    4. Water is the best material. That's why they use water to bathe for thousands of years.

  • Obviously, This is a nonsense topic. . .

    . . . Written by a troll or a horny 13-year-old.

    But I'll bite.

    No, Obviously not. Though not because women "deserve more rights than men. " How about everyone gets equal rights, Guys?

    Firstly, For bathing. This would not help women remain clean. It would result in illness, Infections, And probably a large portion of women dying. I, For one, Would not like to live in a world mostly populated by men.

    Secondly, For eating. Cum wouldn't come close to providing the nutritional requirements a human, Female or otherwise, Would need. This would result in most women starving to death and, Again, A world mostly populated by men.

    Thirdly, Even with a world mostly populated by men, There would be no way to efficiently harvest the amount of cum required to both fully bathe and feed the remaining female population, Not that they're likely to live long.

    So, In an attempt to make a world where women are subservient to men and we all live a bizarre and childish fantasy you have, In fact, Created a world where all men are farmed like cattle, And all women are dead.

    I have to admit, This seems to be a pretty strange way for someone to come out of the closet, CumbucketSlut, But if declaring that you want to live in a hyper-dominated, Men-only world is how you want to roll, Then you do you, I guess. . . Or the guy in the 'milking' station next to you.

  • Hi what the fuck

    Um no thank you. That is disgusting and women deserve so so much more than that. Women do not exist for the exclusive pleasure of men. That is a sexist and misogynistic ideology that is so f***ing outdated that it must be removed. People who still think like this are a prime example of how, In the modern age, Natural selection has been rendered nonexistent.

  • What is this nonsense topic?

    What is the purpose of this nonsense topic? Well, What is the purpose of this nonsense topic? What is the purpose of this? What is the purpose? What? What is the purpose of this nonsense topic? What is the purpose of this nonsense topic? What is the purpose of this nonsense topic?

  • Why just f***ing why?

    Ew, No. Cum is gross, Done. Women should not serve men, Sorry you sexist dicks but that's just sad. As a woman, I would not want to bathe in cum but rather water. It's actually clean, And I won't be called "just a woman". Sadly this could also lead to children which also for me are a no. "Big alpha men" are breeding ground to abuse, As someone who is a dominant woman, Shocking right? But gross f**k that shit.

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