Should all women be required to ave at least one child?

Asked by: memi35
  • Yes they should

    We need to reproduce more and besides the joy of having a child is like no other. All women should be a required to have at least one baby if they live past the age of twenty-one. They don't ave to get in a long term relationship or even keep the child once it is born but we do need to reproduce more then we are!

  • Kids are marvelous

    Kids give us hope for the future. When we will become old , they will give us the hope that at least we have some one who is taking care of us. Even if he/she will live elsewhere, we will talk over the phone. Think if you're parents would never had a child, one should have at least one child. I am unmarried but thinking I I've my nephew and niece but how will I feel when I will have my own.

  • No - that's restricting free will!

    Some women, like me, are not fond of children and therefore would not be able / willing to take care of them. It's incredibly unfair to force a woman to have a child when she doesn't want one or isn't able to care for one. Women don't exist solely to reproduce. Besides, Earth is overpopulated as it is, if all women had at least one child, supplies would run out even quicker.

  • Actually, in your efforts to reproduce more, you'd see a decrease in the population.

    Let us have unwilling asexual, lesbian and independent women be raped/artificially inseminated, suffer a physiological disorder from rape or of giving up the baby, and possibly commit suicide.
    Then let's consider the possibility of the rapist being killed whilst in the act. If this were to happen to me, I can guarantee a fresh carcass.
    Then let's consider disease, bad genes, heart defects, hiv being spread about.
    So we have; impaired minds, suicide, the rapist or insemonater being killed, and disease.

    I close my case by stating you'd see a decrease of population and I truly hope and pray you're a troll.

  • Nope. Nope. Nope.

    You cant just force a woman to give birth. It's her choice, her life. There are so many factors, like proper healthcare, money issues, etc. If a woman isnt ready and doesnt want a child, she doesnt need a child. Not all families need to make babies for their generation. It's as simple as that.

  • A child is a choice, as much as it is a responsibility

    Children is the future, yes, but all are not willing or able to either carry a child, or the ability to look after one. This is not a slam against women mind you, its just that we are all different, we all have different opinions, and that's why we do not force one opinion down the throats of women without their consent.

    Let them be mothers if they please, and let them be able to refuse. That's the point of having a choice.

  • No women should be required to have a choice and a voice.

    Okay lets see, this ridiculous question is basically "Should we dictate a woman's life?) Creating life is precious. For those women that don't want a baby, have a woman on the opposite side that want a baby to take her place. A woman's choice with her body should not be limited.

  • What? No. What? Really? Why are you wasting time with this tripe?

    Of course not. Even if we discount the fact that the world population is untenable, to require every woman become pregnant is akin to requiring every man work in the coal mines, or every child plow the fields.

    It would be but an extension of the same ignorant patriarchy that gripped western culture since the dawn of written history. The same patriarchy that still clings to the last vestiges of ignorance to perpetuate an anti-female equality mindset.

    In summation, the poll submitter should make polls that actually matter, rather than this waste of time.

    They might as well ask if we would prefer fascism or tea and cakes. (Personally I choose the tea and cake)

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