• People can solve their own problems.

    Yes, allopathic medicine should be more mainstream, because there are a lot of natural things that people can do to solve their own problems, rather than just turning to a bottle of medicine. Someone with back pain can learn how to stretch, or they can learn how to strengthen their body. Teaching people to use their own strength would make society healthier, rather than just pushing popping pills.

  • No I think it is mainstream enough

    I think allopathic medicine is as mainstream as it needs to be. There are many people who believe in it and rely on it and there are many people who simply don't trust it. With that great of a divide I think the practice of it is right where it needs to be.

  • Allopathic Medicine Lies

    Like Homeopathic medicine, Allopathic medicines are nothing more than a lie that people have fallen for repeteadly. The fact of the matter is that no scientific evidence suggests that these medicines actually produce results. People need to stop falling for this scheme because they are simply throwing their money away.

  • It already is

    If you look at the definition of allopathic medicine vs. homeopathic, the term allopathic describes a designation for the "usual" or mainstream practice of medicine. MD's are considered to be allopathic practitioners since they use evidence-based mainstream or western medicine. Allopathic doctors use mainstream medicine or surgery to produce effects different from or incompatible with the diseases being treated. See

  • Allopathic medicine should not be more mainstream.

    Allopathic medicine should not be more mainstream. Most importantly though, not only are not all conventional treatments "allopathic" in this broad sense, but that is not how doctors and medical researchers consider their field. They do not look at a symptom and then immediately concentrate upon looking for various things in the word that cause the opposite to occur.

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