• Athletes are Responsible for What they put into Their Bodies

    It is my understanding that Alshon Jeffery was taking a supplement to combat inflammation. I feel that all athletes have the responsibility to make sure that any medication or supplement contains only ingredients allowed by their association. It is very easy to check for ingredients and side effects of supplements. Athletes are fully aware of what is allowed and what is not allowed. Unfortunately, while mistakes are sometimes made, it would not be fair to let someone slide while someone else might be suspended. The rules should apply to all.

  • Yes, they have to treat all players the same when it comes to performance enhancing drugs.

    The debate is not about performance enhancing drugs or whether or not they should be allowed. The argument is whether or not Alshon Jeffrey should have been suspended, and to keep consistency within the league, they have to suspend him. Otherwise, they run the risk of being called unfair in their treatment of other players. Players also get suspended for recreational drug use, so how would this be any different?

  • Taking banned substances is cheating.

    I think that it is fair for the NFL to punish Alshon Jeffery with a suspension. Taking performance enhancing substances is a clear violation of the league's rules. Though he may have been prescribed the anti-inflammation medication, it is up to athletes to be fully aware of the substances they put in their bodies, and to be sure those substances to not violate any rules.

  • No, I don`t think so.

    In the NFL, some things are forgivable (a drug suspension), and some aren’t (Jeffery’s false start after a timeout Sunday). Welcome to the league, where priorities are a bit askew.The rap against Jeffery has been that he can’t stay healthy. Maybe that led to his trip to the medicine cabinet. Maybe the promise of a large contract did.

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